Moc Feed: Ten Best Study Tips for Acing Your Finals

Our favorite study tips will help you better prepare for final exams.

Dec 7, 2022

by Mocsie

Final exams may seem challenging. After all, they aren't like regular tests; they sometimes draw on your knowledge for the entire semester.

We asked seasoned Mocs to share their favorite study tips. Giving them a try is guaranteed to reduce your stress and might just increase your GPA!

Don't Cram

Cramming in all your studying can lead to burnout and anxiety. Split the material into topics and review it in stages to fully absorb the information.

"The earlier you start studying, the better prepared you will be," says Ezra Cooper, a computer science major. "I like to create study materials, like flashcards, ahead of time so I can review them for a bit every day. Doing this makes studying a lot less overwhelming."

Take Good Notes

Paying attention may seem like a no-brainer, but taking notes is a surefire way to ensure the information you are taking in makes sense to you later on.

"Actively taking notes helps you pay attention during class," explains Jimmy Houle, an elementary education major. "When it comes time to review for the test, your notes will be super helpful. And if something in your notes doesn't make sense, be sure to follow up with your professor after class."

Using the buddy system at Tutu's

Use the Buddy System

Forming a study group for each of your classes is a valuable, and fun, way to review. Together, you can go over the topics and quiz each other.

"Find a partner to compare notes with," says Ruby Silver, a psychology and communications double major. "You can work, study, help, and push each other to be better."

Attend the Review/Use the Study Guide

Professors often offer a review or provide a study guide covering details on the format of the exam as well as key concepts on which to concentrate.

"If your professors don’t offer a study guide, don’t be afraid to ask them what topics are most important" advises Jimmy. "Talking to your professors before the exam will also show them that you care and are taking the right steps to succeed."

Find Your Go-to Study Spot

Some Mocs like the complete silence of the third floor of Roux Library, while others like the noise of Tutu's. You'll find Mocs sitting out by the pool. Others like to grab a blanket and head for Mr. George's Green. The best study spot is the one that feels most productive to you, so try out a few places!

Favorite Study Spot

Use Visual Tools

Make flash cards to help you memorize information like equations and dates. Come up with a mnemonic device like Roy G. Biv for remembering the colors of the rainbow. Don't like traditional written notes, use a chart, diagram, or mind map to help you visualize and make sense of complex topics.


Take Breaks

Be sure to give your brain and body a chance to rest so you can come back to studying with new energy and focus.

"For every 30 minutes of study time, take a 10-minute break to recharge," advises Alicia Rossow, director of the Wellness Center.

"Short study sessions are also more effective! So, stand up and stretch. Better yet, make time to stop by the Wellness Center for Sweat N Zen (10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Friday, December 9) to enjoy a chair massage, pizza, prizes, and smoothies."

Pro Tip: Increasing the amount of fresh air you take in promotes optimal function of your brain helping you to think, focus, and concentrate better.

Take Advantage of Office Hours

Plan Ahead. Then, Stick To the plan!

Don't let procrastination get the better of you. Establishing a study plan not only provides a roadmap, it helps to break studying into manageable chunks and helps to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

"Set a study schedule and stick to it," says Jimmy.

Take Advantage of Office Hours

Haven't dropped by a professor's office hours yet? "Now's the time," says accounting major Katie Sharp. "If you're having difficulty understanding a topic, your professors can, and want to, help!"

Attend Academic Fuel Sessions

Student Solutions offers four free tutoring and supplemental instruction opportunities for classes ranging from accounting to organic chemistry. Students can see the schedule on Portal homepage under Academic Fuel or see the schedule and make appointments here. Contact Taylor Shook at 863-680-4472 with questions.

Connect with Student Solutions on Instagram @FSCSSC to stay updated about Academic Fuel schedules and SSC events and programs all dedicated to student success.

Mocket Ship Smoothies

BONUS TIP! Brain food is real. Grab an Acai bowl from the Mocket Ship and drink lots of water to keep your brain firing on all cylinders!