This is my BOOMtown!

Mar 1, 2023

by FSC Staff

According to a survey done by LendingTree, an online loan marketplace company, Lakeland is No. 3 out of the top-10 boomtowns across the United States, and is No. 1 in the state, beating out Jacksonville and North Port.

LendingTree analyzed the latest data from various sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the American Community Survey and the U.S. Bureau of Labor to find the biggest boomtowns in America, he said.

“Lakeland is growing because Florida is growing as an ideal location in the post-pandemic environment with attributes like our weather, comparative affordability, quality of life, connectivity (road network to a large population), and lower taxes,” said Katie Worthington Decker, senior vice president of Lakeland Economic Development Council.

So with Lakeland being named a top boomtown, let’s take a look at five booming things to get into around Lakeland.


1. Bonnet Springs Park

A short drive from downtown lies the lasting legacy of donors like the Barnett Family and hundreds of others who made this 163-acre dream a reality. Whether you're looking to relieve some stress by hiking around the park, out to enjoy nature as you travel along the parks' tram service, or are dropping in for a get-together with friends, BSP has what you need, and is evolving into an even better experience as time goes on. Check out Bonnet Springs Park for more information.

Bonnet Springs Park
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2. The Grub Hub

We're not talking about the app, but rather the multitude of culinary delights that await you in Lakeland. There have not only been exciting new chain restaurants brought to the area, but also several locally owned dining destinations. You can get a taste of dishes from across the world as eateries with exotic dishes can be found across Lakeland. There's also the Downtown Lakeland Food Truck Rally, which brings 20 varying food trucks to offer up their menus on the second Thursday of each month.

Food Truck Rally in Lakeland
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3. Catapult

It can't be all fun and games can it? If you've got a business you want to launch, this is the place to check out. This 40,000 square foot entrepreneurial center in the heart of Lakeland has helped launch 27 businesses and works closely with the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise to aid its students propel their future business ideas. Find out more about Catapult at

Catapult Lakeland
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4. Escape Artists

You've no doubt seen movies where the hero solves the code to defuse a bomb just in the nick of time. Or when the detective finds the final clue to catch a dastardly criminal? Do you think you or your friends can stand up to the pressure at one of three Lakeland area escape rooms? Escapology, Lakeland Escape Room and iPanic Escape Room all offer multiple rooms with different themes to test your mind's mettle. The challenges at each location can be experienced by just you and a group of strangers or your closest friends.

Book your chance to escape at:
Escapology Lakeland
iPanic Escape Room
Lakeland Escape Room
Lakeland Escape Room
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5. RP Funding Center

Lakeland's premier events venue has something for everyone. National touring comics, music, conventions involving science fiction to the outdoors, sporting events involving the NBA affiliate of the Orlando Magic, the Lakeland Magic of the G-League, indoor soccer from the Florida Tropics and much more. The RP Funding Center is continuing to expand its lineup of attractions to bring to Lakeland. Check out RP Funding Center to see what's coming to entertain you soon!

RP Funding Center
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