Moc Movers Set to Shuttle Students To and Fro

Nov 19, 2022

by FSC Staff

Florida Southern College has introduced a new cross-campus transportation method – the Moc Mover. Beginning Mon, Nov. 21, the Moc Mover will facilitate transportation across campus, with three centralized stops to ferry students to class on time.

The Moc Movers will work in concert with the current bus shuttle system around campus, and is not a replacement for that system. Campus Safety and Security will operate the new Moc Movers.

Riders will be able to hop on and off of two brand new specially designed golf carts that will carry up to eight people each. For everyone’s safety, passengers will not be allowed to enter or exit the Moc Movers at other locations. Riders must board and exit at one of the five designated stops: 

  • Branscomb Auditorium (near the Honeyman Pavilion)
  • Top of Branscomb Parking Lot (across from Blanton Nursing Building)
  • Carlisle Rogers Building (in the Rogers Courtyard, next to the Rose Garden)
  • Wolfe Building (the upper ramp outside of Wynee’s Bistro)
  • Becker Business Building (In front, next to the large red concrete balls)

“This new system will be a benefit to the entire campus community,” stated Director of Campus Safety and Security Eric Rauch. “Together with the existing shuttle service, we can quickly help get students and staff where they need to go.”

A new pathway has been built on campus to facilitate the free movement of the Moc Movers. We ask that all students not walk on these pathways and yield to the golf carts for everyone’s safety.

The Moc Mover will operate Monday through Friday, beginning at 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., weather permitting. 

Notification will be made via the BusWhere for Shuttles app. The BusWhere for Shuttles app is the same one that can be used to track FSC’s shuttle bus service. The app is free to download for iOS and android phones. You must use your email address to access the system. The BusWhere for Shuttles app can also send text alerts to riders alerting them of changes in service, including weather delays.

Moc Movers