Fiske Guide to Colleges 2023 Recognizes FSC as Top College Globally

Aug 8, 2022

Once again, Florida Southern College has been recognized as one of the premier Colleges in the world.

The newly released Fiske Guide to Colleges 2023, one of the most authoritative and influential guides for prospective students, includes FSC among more than 320 of the best colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland.

The College has been recognized in the independent annual guide since 2009.

This year’s edition, the 39th consecutive, focuses on FSC’s engaged learning process, and how it prepares students and graduates for internships and full-time jobs.

“Our revolutionary engaged learning process, led by our faculty, differentiates Florida Southern College from everyone else,” said Dr. Anne B. Kerr, FSC’s president. “We provide the educational experience to our students, then we help place them in the workforce in a consequential manner.”

The new edition of the Fiske Guide highlights FSC’s focus on a hands-on pedagogy. “Florida Southern’s core curriculum is based on student learning outcomes in eight areas, ranging from critical and creative thinking to effective communication to personal and social responsibility.” The Guide makes special note of FSC’s classroom environments, “devoted to engaged learning techniques such as debate, small-group discussions, case studies, and research.” As one senior commented, “FSC is a huge advocate for engaged learning, so we always end up working in groups, creating a very collaborative culture.”

Additionally, the Guide points out that, “Forty-two percent of students carry out undergraduate research projects during their time at FSC, usually as part of a senior capstone course… More than 100 students present their research and creative projects every year at Fiat Lux, the college’s annual celebration of undergraduate work.”

"By participating in project-based learning, I was able to strengthen both my technical understanding and interpersonal skills," says Emma Stoverink '21. Emma majored in computer science and, as a direct result of her internship, is working as a software engineer at The Walt Disney World Company.

Internships are a major part of the engaged learning process, often bridging the gap for students. Internships allow for an experiential educational understanding, while helping students make connections with professionals in their chosen fields. Fiske’s Guide confirms, “Students have interned with Charles Schwab, the Kennedy Center, OPEC, Fox News, the Walt Disney Company, and NASA.”

In its updated profile, the 2023 guide focuses on Florida Southern College’s ability to help graduating seniors earn jobs in their chosen fields. “The Career Center is the best resource on campus,” said one student. “They offer résumé building, [mock] interviews, and many more things to help you with your future career.”

The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2023 is available in print as a trade paperback and in digital form through the iTunes app or Fiske Interactive Online. FSC can be found on pages 259-261 in the paperback.

Written by Edward B. Fiske, the former education editor for The New York Times, and the Guide’s managing editor, Michelle Lecuyer, the Fiske Guide to Colleges provides college-bound students and their parents with detailed stories and up-to-date enrollment information, including quotes and tips that capture the personality of each school. Questionnaire responses from college administrators and students offer unique insights on a wide range of topics, from academics to social activities, housing, dining, financial aid, and the overall campus environment.