Mocs Student-Athletes Bring Mix Of Awards And Culture

Apr 6, 2022

by FSC Staff

Florida Southern College’s student-athletes are an integral part of what makes Florida Southern tick.

Whether they are scoring goals on the soccer pitch, sinking shots on the basketball court or winning face-offs on the lacrosse field, the more than 500 athletes that participate on more than 25 sanctioned teams and clubs provide our student body with an eclectic mix of talents and dreams.

As we celebrate Student-Athlete Appreciation Day (April 6), we honor those Moccasins who seek to live out their athletic and academic dreams.

“We have a talented and committed group of student-athletes,” said Drew Howard, Florida Southern College’s Dean of Wellness and Athletic Director. “They’re smart, athletic, and work really hard at their craft. They’re committed to improving themselves, getting their degree, and dealing with things other college kids don’t deal with. They’re a ton of fun to watch, get to know, and follow up with after graduation. It’s a big part of why most of the people over here do this job, because we enjoy watching and engaging with them.”

Over the years, Florida Southern student-athletes have brought home 30 team NCAA National Championships and 27 individual NCAA National Championships, with the latest coming this year from freshman men’s swimmer Ludovico Viberti in the 100-yard breaststroke.

There have also been six NCAA Championship winning swimming relay teams over the years.

A total of 360 Mocs athletes have brought home 1,038 All-American Honors, and as of August 11, 2021, there have been 66 athletes who have earned 94 Academic All-American awards.

Florida Southern student-athletes hail from all around the world and bring diverse cultures to share with the student body.

There have been student athletes from six continents that have chosen to attend Florida Southern, with all adding their unique experiences to the campus.

Together these student-athletes help form one big team of Moccasins that is helping to provide historic moments that future Mocs can aspire to replicate.

Go Mocs!