Dr. T: FSC Grad Jumps From Basketball Court Into Physical Therapy

Feb 17, 2022

by FSC Staff

Tyler Logan ’15 grew up on the basketball court.

Tyler’s had his fair share of injuries, describing himself as a “chronic ankle sprainer.” Tyler also has seen how injuries, both minor and major, affected not only his team’s success but also his teammates’ state of mind.

Now, Tyler is helping treat the injuries that athletes suffer from so that he can get them back on their feet and to their respective fields of play as quick as possible.

Tyler, who received his Bachelor’s in Human Movement and Performance from Florida Southern College, is now a member of Physical and Sports Rehab in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Before that, Tyler received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore after he graduated from Florida Southern. He is also a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Lessons that Tyler learned at Florida Southern enabled him to get through the massive amount of course work necessary to achieve his doctorate.

“Florida Southern prepared me for the rigorous course work ahead,” said Tyler, who was also recognized as an NCAA Elite 89 athlete while earning a national championship as a member of the men’s basketball team in 2015. “It wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t underprepared. FSC taught me a lot about research, evolving my study habits. Being an athlete and making good grades to get into physical therapy, you have to have good time management skills. Those skills elevated when I was getting my doctorate.”

Tyler said his road to becoming a physical therapist started in his senior year of high school when he suffered a knee injury.

From that point on, Tyler was enamored with the rehabilitation process.

It may be that Tyler was a part of planting the seeds of Florida Southern’s own Department of Physical Therapy. Tyler himself said that if the program had existed when he was still in school here that would’ve chosen to stay in Lakeland to pursue his doctorate. Florida Southern’s DPT wasn’t founded until 2019, with full accreditation being granted in 2021.

“When I came back to campus to get my championship ring, Dr. Kerr told me that my being an Elite 89 winner made her look into the program and that she thought it would be good for Florida Southern,” Tyler said. “It jump-started the initiative, and she was interested in my plans.”

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