Mental Health

Feb 21, 2020

by Sarah Dube '23
Communications Assistant

It’s no secret that college can be a busy time. There’s a constant movement, whether it be to class or to a fun, on-campus activity. Sometimes we may forget how to slow down and take a breath. We tend to let stress build, rather than find a healthy way to cope. There are so many ways that you can combat stress and improve your mental health; here are just a few, including some resources here on campus.

The Counseling Center

One of the most direct ways to battle your stress is to see a counselor. Luckily, every student has access to the on-campus counseling center. The Florida Southern Counseling Center is fully staffed by licensed professionals who want to help you succeed. You can make an appointment for an individual session or you can attend one of the group therapy sessions. Group therapy tackles a variety of common conflicts that college students may face, like self-acceptance or transitioning into college life. Having a space to talk openly can be a really helpful. Whether you just need to vent about your classes or work through deeper struggles, anyone can benefit from getting a little therapy.

Riley, our Canine Counselor, in front of the  Water Dome
Riley, our Canine Counselor, in front of the Water Dome

Self-Help Apps

We live in a digital age where we can find anything and everything with the touch of a screen, including self-help applications. There’s a wealth of apps at your disposal designed to help boost your mental health. It’s all about finding which one is best for you. Students have tested a few and we’ve included the ones they found to be the most helpful.


MindShift is designed to target anxiety. It allows you to check-in and track how you’re feeling throughout the day, then displays that information to you over the course of a week. This way, you’re able to monitor your anxious feelings and possibly discover the source of those feelings. The app also offers ways to manage more specific feelings of anxiety, like social anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks. For each feeling, the app provides the signs to look out for, what these feelings really mean, and some ways to help subdue those feelings so they don’t feel so overwhelming. There are also some tools included to help remedy anxiety while you’re experiencing it, like the chill zone or healthy thinking. Students found the most helpful feature is the Quick Relief. This provides instant help with breathing, grounding yourself, and even includes a direct line to a mental health professional.


Happify is an all-purpose app in terms of mental health. It allows you to choose your focus, whether it be depression, self-confidence, or negative thinking and then encourages you to work through that with games and journaling. Once you choose your focus, the app will set up a track that will best allow you to conquer your goal. Separate from your track, the app also has journaling prompts available that can help you to savor the small moments, focus on gratitude, and so many others to help channel positivity.


Shine sets itself apart because it offers a daily dose of motivation. With notifications set up, it will greet you every morning with a motivational quote that’ll get you on the right track. Like MindShift, it also allows you to track your mood. It asks you to check-in every morning about your mood and what for what you’re grateful. It also presents you with helpful articles and audio segments to get you thinking about how you can work to improve your relationships with others and yourself. It also offers help with sleep, growth, self-confidence, stress, and meditation.


One of the best ways to keep yourself mentally strong is to improve your physical health. If you feel good on the outside, it’ll help improve how you feel on the inside! FSC has plenty of opportunities for you to get yourself moving, and there’s something for everyone. The Wellness Center offers plenty of exercise opportunities but one of the best for relieving stress is yoga. Yoga classes are held several times throughout the week so that you can easily fit them into your schedule. These classes are for students at all levels of practice, whether you’re attending your first class or your hundredth. Our campus is also situated on the stunning Lake Hollingsworth, a three-mile loop with its own walking path. Walking or biking around the lake is a great source of exercise and the perfect way to take in the beauty around us.

Taking care of your mental health should be a priority for every one. With everything happening around you, it can be easy to forget that you need to take care of you. We encourage you to remember that you matter and you are worth more than you may let yourself believe. Keep your head up and keep moving; your future is so bright.