Florida Southern Business Students Apply Engaged Learning Strategies Online

Apr 22, 2020

by Sara Ramick '20

Making the transition from in-person classes to online courses can be a difficult adjustment. However, with the right amount of determination and the help of dedicated professors, Florida Southern’s students have risen to the challenge.

Assistant Professor of Marketing Dr. Jennifer Dapko

Dr. Jennifer Dapko’s business analytics class is one of many class communities that have transitioned seamlessly to show that this new model of teaching is not an obstacle to learning.

Dr. Dapko, assistant professor of marketing, was determined to give her students the same experience virtually as she has given in her traditional, face-to-face classes.  

In addition to learning common business analytics methods, the class has examined the larger concepts of business objectives and how data is collected through business functions. Over Zoom sessions, they have taken part in traditional lectures, as well as group break-out sessions designed to facilitate methods of engaged learning while providing opportunities for outside socialization that is otherwise difficult during this time.

From day one of remote learning, the students exhibited “100% attendance and 100% participation,” Dr. Dapko wrote in a post on her LinkedIn page.

“Students even asked if we could do online group project days, as we did in our face-to-face classes.”

Class members also have been able to apply their knowledge to current events by discussing how data analytics can be used to solve COVID-19 problems.

Another significant aspect of the course is that the students have received training in Google Data Studio. Upon their successful completion of the training, they are sent a certificate from Google, giving the students a tangible achievement that will benefit them during and after the course.

By embracing new ways to engage virtually, Dr. Dapko’s students have been able to transition successfully to this new mode of learning.

For more information on Dr. Dapko’s virtual learning model, read her LinkedIn post at https://bit.ly/dapko.