The Barnett Business Update - October 2020

October 2020 Edition

Oct 1, 2020

by FSC Staff

Faculty Updates

Recent Faculty Publications and Presentations:

"Kazakhstan’s road to modernization: advancing economic development through public-private partnerships." Journal of Finance and Accountancy. (Forthcoming 2020). Dr. Eberle.

Paul Eberle

Paul Eberle, Ph.D.

"R&D Investment around the World: Effects of Ownership and Performance-based Cultural Contexts" Thunderbird International Business Review (Forthcoming 2021). Dr. Lewellyn, with co-author Rosey Bao.

Dr. Lewellyn presented "Believing in Climate Change: Help or Hindrance for Entrepreneurial Resiliency?" at the International Association of Business and Society annual conference (virtual).

Krista Lewellyn

Krista Lewellyn, Ph.D.

Special Recognitions:

Dr. Silviana Falcon has been selected to serve as the Tanner Chair in Ethics in Business and Economics. The Dorotha C. Tanner Chair in Ethics in Business and Economics was established in 1994 with the intent to support faculty efforts to facilitate knowledge about the importance of ethics in business decision making.

Silviana Falcon

Silviana Falcon, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Connors has been selected to serve as the Lynn and Mark Hollis Chair in Free Enterprise. The Lynn and Mark Hollis Chair in Free Enterprise was established in 2014 with the intent to support faculty efforts to facilitate knowledge about free enterprise, capitalism, business ethics, and the history of American capitalism.

Joseph Connors

Joseph Connors, Ph.D.

Professional Impact:

Dr. Collin Clark serves as Chair of the New Tax Lawyers division for The Florida Bar – Tax Section Fall Meeting. The division promotes and mentors new tax lawyers by providing professional education events and writing professional articles for various publications. Dr. Clark is preparing a problem case for a Moot Court competition during the fall meeting. The case will outline the factors necessary to determine if a property investor is considered an investor or a developer. The tax consequences are significant because the outcome results in income being taxed at preferential capital gain tax rates, or non-preferential ordinary income tax rates.

Collin Clark

Dr. Collin Clark

Student Impact:

MBA students in Dr. Spoelstra’s BUS 6560 International Business course participated in a live case study where they had the roles of being senior managers for U.S. multinational corporations. They were tasked with negotiating settlements/corrective actions pertaining to wage and work condition issues at their corporations’ subsidiaries in Botswana and South Africa. Over the weekend of September 26-27th, the students engaged in live online meetings with several former union leaders in Botswana who were familiar with the case and with Dr. Dave Harris, a certified Mediator with the Accredited ADR network South Africa. According to Dr. Harris, he was amazed at the students’ level of preparation, tenacity and skills at justifying their positions, as well as their professionalism in dealing with conflict in a global business environment. Well done to Dr. Spoelstra for creating this experiential opportunity for our MBA students and kudos to the students for their outstanding performance.

At FSC's School of Business, it is all about creating powerful learning experiences from the best in industry. On Wednesday, September 23rd, Dr. Falcon arranged for our freshman students in BUS 1115 to meet virtually with a Zappos team member and discuss how the online retailer has developed an environment of story worthy customer service experiences.

Zappos logo

Professor Tracy took his New Venture Creation class on a field trip to Catapult on September 17th. They had a great tour (in two small Covid friendly size tour groups) and a briefing session. The visit included a picnic hosted by Taste of Home, a delicious Jamaican food startup at Catapult. All, including the virtual attendees, had a stimulating and fun time.

Professor Tracy

Student Stories


Josh Chacon

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with Citi as an Institutional Clients Group Operations Analyst. They transformed a typical in-person internship into a virtual environment experience, and their commitment to providing a top-class experience to my fellow interns and I is a reflection of the type of company they are. Each week, we participated in daily training on financial markets, markets and securities services, treasury and trade solutions, and many other lines of business Citi is involved with, while also presenting weekly in front of senior leadership. It was a blessing to intern with such a phenomenal institution, and I can’t wait to return to Citi next summer full-time!

Josh Chacon

Josh Chacon

George Connelly

I am a junior Business Administration major with minors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Within the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise, I sit on the Dean’s advisory council and have enjoyed acting as a liaison between the student body and the Dean. In November of 2019, CJ Giles, McKenna Watson and I pitched a business idea at a micro-grant event through Catapult Lakeland. We won a $2,500 grant and I learned a lot going through the start-up process and gained invaluable experience. Now, I have joined the Catapult Lakeland team as a Marketing Strategy intern and continue to develop my professional skills. In April, 2020 I founded a company ‘DeAngelis Digital Marketing LLC’ which specializes in media curation and creation, as well as developing effective marketing strategies within the digital space. I currently own and manage a network of digital brands with over 350,000 followers, and received over 20,000,000 weekly impressions. I am extremely grateful for the support of my family and the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise for giving me the resources and community to succeed. My professional journey is just beginning, and I am excited to see where it will take me.

George Connelly

George Connelly

Chapters and Clubs

Beta Gamma Sigma: Our Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter is being recognized as a High Honors Chapter! This is a wonderful validation of the hard work and commitment to excellence exhibited by our BGS students and the chapter advisor, Dr. Eric Harris.

Dean's Office Updates

Diversity Matters:

Consistent with Florida Southern College’s core values, and guided by the college’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council’s mission statement, The Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise is happy to announce the formation of the “Barnett Business School Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (BBSCDEI)”. This committee will conduct transformative work in this critically important area and will ensure the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion at Barnett Business. Our committee’s primary focus will be on addressing racial inequality and social injustice, informed by the work of the faculty and staff of Barnett Business and the surrounding community. The BBSCDEI plans to engage and work with the FSC Multicultural Student Council, the Black Student Union, community leaders, and businesses on diversity initiatives. For additional information or inquiries, please contact our Diversity committee members: Ramzy Baroody, Krista Lewellyn, Walker Ross, and William Quilliam

Virtual Day on Campus:

Dr. Hardin led a group of faculty in the creation and delivery of a beautiful presentation for the first Virtual Academic Showcase during the Virtual Day on Campus. The event began with an overview of the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise including its numerous awards and recognition, majors, faculty, and the many experiential and internship opportunities. The second component of the program was a question and answer session with students and parents.

Institute for Accounting Excellence (IAE):

The Institute for Accounting Excellence hosted an Interview and Resume Tips Workshop on September 16th for students. The event prepared accounting students for the “Moc” interviews that were conducted on September 25th and the Meet the Firms event which will be held October 7th virtually in Handshake. The workshop was highly attended, interactive and very informative. Moc interviews were held virtually on September 25th. The interviewers consisted of partners, directors, managers and the like from several large accounting firms as well as those in high, esteemed positions within various large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies. The companies that participated were Deloitte, Ernst & Young, BDO, SaltMarsh CPA, CBIZ, Lockheed Martin, Adamson + Company, KB Group, Welbilt, Mosaic, Frazier & Deeter, and Raymond James Financial. A total of 45 interviews were conducted virtually, with the students receiving immediate feedback from the professionals. The highly successful “Moc” interviews were spearheaded by Professor Love and Professor Jozsi with event assistance from Dr. Sherman and Professor Clark.

Featured Alumni

Kenneth Sanford, Ph.D. (’02). Ken is Principal at Distill Data Science, a consulting firm specialized in helping companies get started in AI and data science by outfitting them with the right technology, helping them hire and train their people. He has spent time in academia (Middle Tennessee State University, University of Cincinnati, Peace College, Boston College, University of Kentucky), consulting (Deloitte), and software development (SAS,, Dataiku). Ken earned his BS in Economics from Florida Southern College, a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kentucky in Lexington and his work on price optimization has been published in peer-reviewed journals. He is an often quoted expert on topics regarding data science in the press (NY Times, Inc, Reuters, AP).