Meet Brooklynne Atwell, MBA

May 4, 2020

by FSC Staff

Students who pursue their graduate or doctorate degrees at Florida Southern College often find that their academic and professional careers are rewarded. Our Master in Business Administration is ripe with examples. We had a chance to sit down with one of them who shared her journey and credited her current success through the FSC MBA program.

BrooklyNnE Atwell ’16

"The FSC MBA program absolutely took my career to the next level and made me  a more attractive candidate when it was finally my time to leave my first organization."


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I had a wonderful experience during the MBA program! Great faculty, and even better classmates. I really enjoyed the small cohort atmosphere, hands-on capstone experiences and collaborative projects. My classmates were of different ages and working in different industries. Anytime we had discussions in class, it was amazing to hear other perspectives. Saturday-hybrid program allowed me to have the face-to-face classroom time while being able to maintain a full-time job, with a company that helped with tuition.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: My field experience was amazing. I could write a novel about our trip to Vietnam.

BEST CLASS/PROFESSOR: I found Dr. Ferrell’s class to be the most improved area of study and its content was applicable to my personal and professional life experiences.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Working full time and balancing a full course load... but it was manageable, you just had to push though! I decided to do the 16 month program, and while it was a more concentrated curriculum, I’m glad I finished the program quickly!

DAY IN THE LIFE: I fell into healthcare while working at a hospital on the weekends in college. The world of healthcare is so incredibly interesting and has so many faucets in the modern, more advanced health systems. Marketing specifically allows me to be exposed with a lot of different disciplines within the hospital. No day is ever the same! One minute I’m planning an open house for a brand new $50 million dollar expansion to the hospital, the next, I’m helping to coordinate foundation events that bring money to build those same buildings. My current role has really shown how important it is to have the skills of a project manager.

ADVICE FOR PROSPECTIVES: Swallow the frog. Do the big stuff first, even when you don’t want to. Prioritize, and you can get it all done! You just have to maximize your time.