Accounting, RA Life, and Scholars Weekend: Interview with Cameron Webb '21

Oct 25, 2019

by Annabel Leonova '20
Marketing Specialist Intern
Edited for content and length

Meet current Moc Cameron Webb '21, an accounting and business administration double major from Orlando, Florida. Cameron discusses what brought him to FSC, why he loves accounting, and all about his involvement on campus. 

Can you tell me more about yourself? Where are you from, what year are you, and what's your major and minor(s)?

I'm a junior accounting and business administration double major. I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I love it; it's nice to be close to home.

Why did you pick Florida Southern?

Good question. I chose Florida Southern mostly because my mother graduated from here in 1986. Needless to say, she was a very strong influence in my decision to come here. She was very proud of me for taking it upon myself to attend Scholars Weekend and visit the campus on my own.

When I visited campus and came in for Scholars Weekend, I was intrigued by the programs that we have to offer here. I was impressed by the caliber of the other students and how welcoming and friendly they were.

Cameron's '21 RA headshot.
Cameron's '21 RA headshot.

How did you pick your majors and how well do you think they work together?

I love numbers. I love business. Funny enough, when I was young I wanted one day to work in a really big building and that got me interested in accounting.

Now that I've grown out of that, I realized that I still liked accounting. I love spread sheets, numbers, going to Excel, and figuring out what a company can do better to improve and move forward. I know I want to go into management and I want to have the technical knowledge to support that. It's really difficult to be a manager and not really understand what my employees are working on. So by having that technical expertise, I can support them better down the road.

Which of the professors from your department do think helped you the most to succeed as a student?

One of them is my advisor, Professor Jozsi. She’s so sweet, kind, and supportive. She's very honest, too. If you're taking a class that might not be beneficial to you or you're doing something wrong, she will be first to help you correct that, explain why, and make sure you're doing what's best for you. Because she's an advisor and she's been here a long time, she knows what's best for students. Jozsi is also an amazing professor. This is actually my first semester not having a class with her.

Do you have any internship plans?

Yes, actually! In our business school and many other departments around campus, we’re lucky to have companies that come and visit us in our classes. They come and tell us about their internship and career opportunities. Associates from an Orlando-based, non-profit accounting firm (Batts Morrison Wales & Lee) just visited FSC and it was really interesting. I will definitely apply for an internship with them.

How about on-campus involvement? Are you a part of any clubs or organizations?

“Living on your own can be difficult at times and I love being there to support [First-YEAR] STUDENTS through these challenges.”
Cameron Webb '21

I really enjoy being a second-year resident advisor (RA) in Allen Spivey Hall for first-year male students. I'm also the vice president of our Accounting Student Association (ASA) and I’m on the Student Accountability Board. I'm also a Scholars Weekend Leader!

Can you tell me more about your positions? Which one is your favorite if you could pick one?

I'd have to go with being an RA. It’s my favorite because I get to work with first-year students and learn how I can serve them best. It’s really exciting to see them take this big step and that comes with challenges. Living on your own can be difficult at times and I love being there to support them through these challenges.

I also really like being the vice president of our ASA. The goal of our organization is to have corporate visits to different businesses. We get to see what accounting looks like in action. These trips help show what to expect from our major.

Last year, we visited Southern Wine, one of the largest alcohol warehouses in Central Florida. We got to see how the distribution process works for Publix, Walmart, and Target, and how they ship out all these orders on time while working around the issue of breakage in their warehouse. This is something you don’t think about in class but rather learn in the field.

We also got to visit Legoland, which was my favorite. Not only because they let us ride the roller coaster and go before the park opens, it's also cool to see how they wrestle with the issue of profit protection. Legoland's Department of Security utilizes data analytics to track potential fraudulent purchase in ticket sales.

So, you’ve mentioned that you’re also a Scholars Weekend Leader. What made you apply?

I have a really great relationship with my Scholars Weekend Leader, Olivia Panda ’19, who has kept in touch with me even after that weekend. She really inspired me to become a leader myself.

Cameron Webb '21 and Olivia Panda '19 at Scholars Weekend.
Cameron Webb '21 and Olivia Panda '19 at Scholars Weekend.

So, I applied as soon I could my sophomore year and I was even able to co-lead with her my first weekend. I was excited to start making relationships with my scholars just like my leader, Olivia ’19, made with me. She was really influential in my decision to come to FSC and I hope to be that person for incoming students now.

I love being a Scholars Weekend Leader! We get to walk around and hang out with small groups of high school seniors who are interested in Florida Southern. They come for the weekend to see our campus, meet and engage with our students, and participate in all the events and activities that we have for them. These can range anywhere from a comedy show and game tournaments to an escape room, or even glow-in-the-dark dodgeball or a pancake party. We like to bring new and exciting events on campus for our scholars.

Any advice you would like to give to anyone who’s thinking about applying to Florida Southern?

I would say that if you're interested in Florida Southern, the absolute best thing you can do is attend Scholars Weekend. It's free and it's a great opportunity to meet your potential, future life-long college friends.

Now, if you're interesting in like the business route in general, I would say definitely talk to someone who's either an accounting major or find an accountant in your hometown. Get to know them, have lunch with them, ask to shadow them for the day. It's a really great major that I think many more people would enjoy if they were exposed to it. It can sound really intimidating if you've never dealt with it before but in reality, especially after going through classes, it’s not as difficult or technical as people make it out to be. Go Mocs!

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