FSC Theatre to Honor the 75th Anniversary of the End of WWII

Jul 30, 2019

by Dr. Christianne Roll
Associate Professor of Musical Theatre

Throughout 2019 and 2020, the nation will recognize the 75th anniversary of major events that led to end of World War II. To commemorate this major event in American history, the Department of Theatre and Dance will feature productions and events that examine the narratives and circumstances of World War II.

This theme was supported by the Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance, Professor Jim Beck, whose area of specialization in his doctoral program was 20th century American Theatre, comparing post WWI, WWII, and Vietnam drama. Professor Beck had the occasion to visit the Normandy beaches and the American cemetery there, as well as the German and Canadian cemeteries.

According to Professor Beck, “I was struck by the sheer number of graves at the American cemetery. It is a site and a sight that I wish all Americans would see – maybe it would help us all see that we are in this together. The sight is both moving and frightening at the same time. So, as we happen upon the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, I felt that I wanted to do my part, in this small way, to honor the sacrifices of those many, many individuals who are interred there. Those soldiers and all Americans of the WWII era have been described as America’s greatest generation – and I agree. So, the impetus for this season dedicated to their memory, is a small way to honor them, and also so that we remember those sacrifices, and perhaps try to live a life worthy of that sacrifice. Our season is aimed at remembering that era, not necessarily glorifying it, but recognizing that it was a time of great tumult, but also great cooperation and sacrifice, that has given us the freedoms we enjoy today... And it is worth honoring that.”

The season includes Biloxi Blues, Copenhagen, The Sound of Music, and Cabaret. The season concludes in April with the poignant classic, The Diary of Anne Frank.

To help honor the World War II era, veterans and active military personnel will receive free tickets to any of the Theatre productions. In addition, historical talkbacks will be scheduled after certain Sunday matinees throughout the year. For more information or to reserve tickets, please call 863.680.4296 or visit the Festival of Fine Arts page