Mocs Battalion Cadets Become Army Officers

Jun 1, 2018

by FSC Staff
Originally appeared in Southern News Magazine
The 15 cadets of the Moccasin Battalion about to become U.S. Army officers received encouragement and a challenge at their commissioning ceremony in May. Retired Army Lt. Gen. Donald Kerrick ’71 told the cadets it is difficult to be a leader.

ROTC1.png“Great leaders have physical and moral courage. You will be respected more for speaking up than allowing a flawed decision to go forward,” he said. “You will have many adventures, and the nation will honor you for your service. You are joining the most capable army the world has ever seen, but it is not perfect, so your task will be to make the Army better. Your allegiance as an officer must always, always be first to the nation.”

The commissioning ceremony took place on the heels of the recognition of the Moccasin Battalion as the 2017 winner of the MacArthur Award as the top ROTC unit in the Army Cadet Command’s 6th Brigade. In addition, several of the cadets commissioned wore the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge, the result of scoring high in a grueling two-day fitness test in April.

The Mocs Battalion commander and professor of military science, Lt. Col. Rocky Vaira, spoke proudly of the capabilities of the new officers.

“You are prepared to lead our sons and daughters in the defense of the nation,” he said.