My Travel Summer

Oct 11, 2018

by FSC Students

Every junior journey or study abroad trip is unique and leaves a lasting impact on our students. So, follow FSC Mocs as they share their travel abroad experiences and some amazing photos along with them.

Paris - &quotParis:I made my way down the tower on the lift (some members of my group took the stairs) and snapped pictures of the Eiffel Tower lighting up the night sky. It was the most magical way to end a once-in-a-lifetime trip to one of the most famous cities in the world, and I think it is an experience that I will always remember." - Julianna Petroff  ‘18

British Virgin Islands - "We observed endless ocean, nearby islands, 
and the buildings and colorful natural landscape that makes up Virgin Gorda. It was a site I will never forget! From there, we hiked back down the hill, swam to our power
catamaran, and boated to Yacht Harbor to restore damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Once we reached Yacht Harbor, we met with the women in charge of BVI tourism and a local agricultural student. Following their directions, we helped plant numerous palm trees along the beach to help restore the beautiful landscape." - Danielle Stakes ‘19

Switzerland - "One of the more exhilarating ventures in Interlaken was the group’s canyon swinging adventure. This experience was optional which was good for me because I would probably needed to be pushed off the ledge, but someone had to take photos, right? The Canyon is about 90 meters to the bottom, so the jumpers were in freefall for much longer than they expected." – Risley Mabile ‘19

Spain - "That night I was feeling brave and went salsa dancing with a couple of fellow FSC students, which was really exciting for me. It was so different to see an establishment where there were younger and older people alike all sharing a passion for dance" - Amanda Wagler '19

Costa Rica - "One outing that I will never forget is the last night of the trip. We went to a Folklore Evening in which dinner was served and we got to watch a traditional Costa Rican Dance. We then got to join in and learn different dances from different provinces of Costa Rica. As a dance major at Florida Southern I was thrilled to have an experience like this while studying abroad. " - Madelynn Colburn '19