Your Guide to Working On Campus

Oct 5, 2018

by Annabel Leonova '20
Marketing Specialist

Sometimes getting that extra buck brings us that much closer to being able to have a good night out at the movies. Or buying that favorite scarf that we’ll wear once to show off that one cold Florida day. Or treating ourselves to a delicious meal instead of having Ramen. Again. But making that extra buck isn’t always easy – there are only so many ways to bring it up to mom and dad.

FSC Student-Workers.
FSC Departments always appreciate student involvement and assistance.

Finding a job is the right choice, but with homework, extracurriculars, and sports, you’re probably looking for something that is located conveniently, while still allowing for resume-building experience. We’re here to tell you the best ways to scout. The process is a little different from finding a regular part-time job, so we created this guide to help you better understand where and how to find a work-study position on campus.

Check Your Department

If you have a declared major, getting experience in your field is going to be super valuable. Check with your advisor, the department’s chair, or even one of your professors to see if they may need help or can just give you something to do. Even if there’s nothing available at the moment, they can at least keep you in mind  when they are looking. Worst case scenario? There really isn't one. You will probably start off by doing work for academic credit — no one will say no to a little bit of help. By working in your own department, you to get the know the professors better, receive more industry practice, and add some projects to your growing portfolio.

Explore Other Areas

Aside from the academic majors, there are several departments on campus like Student Life, Career Center, and Admissions that appreciate student involvement and assistance. These areas provide hands-on work experience frequently used in the real world. You can tutor at Rogers, assist librarians at the Roux Library, or lead campus tours as a Southern Ambassador for Admissions. In addition, work study jobs offered at Florida Southern can help enhance your skillset, such as time management and leadership skills. If you’re interested in exploring beyond your field, talk to someone in one of those departments to see if they need your help.

Student Development sign.
Career Center, located in Rogers, is always ready to provide you with tools and information to achieve your professional goals.

Career Center & Handshake

In addition to different departments on campus, Career Center is a must-check. Staff there will help you find the right direction to take in the professional world and you can ask them any career-related questions, even beyond on-campus jobs. Additionally, Career Center can help you build your resume, write a cover letter and practice interviews. Isn’t that great?

To help you even further, our Career Center has recently introduced a job-search platform called Handshake. Here you can find jobs, internships and employers on and off-campus within a few clicks. You'll be able to personalize your account so that the job-search is specific to your needs, saving you from scrolling through the positions that don’t interest you. However, keep in mind that not all open positions are listed on there yet, so it’s always good to ask around as well.


Friendly Tips

  • Remember that you can only work part-time up to 20 hours per week as a student worker on campus. You can have more than one or two positions on campus, as long as they all add up to no more than 20 hours!
  • Have your resume ready. Some positions will require one, so it’s better to be prepared. Always keep it updated with your latest professional and academic accomplishments.
  • Don’t hesitate to work for academic credit or volunteer your time for experience.