8 Gift Ideas to Give Your Roommate

Dec 14, 2017

by Alexandra Faust '21
Student Life Writer

Many college students face difficulties when it comes to deciding what to buy their roommates or classmates for the holidays. It can be challenging to pick a thoughtful and appropriate gift for others with a diverse set of interest. So, we’ve made it easy for you, and want to give you some inspiration. Here are few gift ideas your roommate will love.

Red Florida Southern Mocs mug

1. Coffee Lovers

If your roommate loves coffee or tea, then they are sure to appreciate a Starbucks gift card. But, if you want to give them something more personal, a box of their favorite tea or a unique mug is also something to consider. A great option would be a mug from the Florida Southern bookstore.

Tutu's cookies and danishes

2. Sweet Tooth

If your roommate has a sweet tooth, then they’re sure to love some festive cookies! If you have extra points, you can stop by Tutu’s and grab them a cookie or any other pastry treat! Or, if you have some extra time on your hands and want to get creative and sentimental, you can find recipes online and bake something yourself! You could even give the extras out to your other friends. If you don’t have a kitchen in your dorm or apartment, you could use the one at the Jackson building. All you have to do is reserve a timeslot.


3. Music Lovers!

Music lovers will tell you how annoying it is to untangle earbuds. Nowadays there are many interesting earbud holders. With all of the different styles you’re sure to find one that fits your roommate’s specific interest!

Set of brushes

4. Artists

Art-lovers are passionate about creating and tend to burn though their tools. So, if you’re familiar with their medium of choice, you can get them some art supplies specific to that. For example, if your roommate is into painting, they’ll definitely appreciate good quality paintbrushes. (Only -- watch out when you’re buying art supplies; ask someone in the store for help to make sure you’re choosing correctly!)

Red Florida Southern sweatshirt

5. Fashionistas

If your roommate enjoys fashion, then a hat or a jacket from the bookstore could be a good gift. The bookstore always has an assortment of high quality garments and headwear. If you’re not exactly sure what your roommate would like, getting them a department store gift card instead can also be a good idea.

Field guide identification books

6. Nature Lovers

For those who love being out in nature, utility is a must. If your roommate loves spending time outside, a unique water bottle would be a nice choice. The FSC bookstore offers a selection of water bottles that would definitely not go unused. If your roommate has a specific interest associated with nature, for example, plants or insects, you can get them a field guide identification book for whatever their interest happens to be.

Florida Southern Bear

7. Make it Personal

If you have an inside joke between the two of you, then a related gift would be sure to make them laugh. Giving big flashy gifts is appreciated, but a more personalized and thoughtful present can mean a lot more and show that you put thought into it.

Florida Southern snowmen ornament

8. Moc Pride

Still have no idea what to get? If your roommate is from another state or just has a lot of school pride, an FSC shirt or ornament would be a good gift. While you may not know what exactly they would like, it’s safe to assume that they would enjoy a memento from the college. After all, they did choose to come here.