Make Your Way Through the Accounting Major

Oct 2, 2017

by Salma Nawlo
Assistant Director of Communications

Dr. Lynn Clements is a beloved faculty member both in the accounting department and in the community at large. As the director of the Master of Accountancy program and the director of the Institute of Accounting Excellence, she has posed significant contributions to helping our students’ development, which led to her winning the 2017 Outstanding Educator Award given by the Florida Institute of CPAs.

Her research in accounting is dedicated to whistleblowing fraud in the workplace. She was led to this field when her father, a dentist, and stepfather, a lawyer, experienced embezzlements by trusted employees. Seeing the impact fraud had on two people who she loved moved her to devote her life to helping others avoid the same issue.

Along with being an award-winning accountant, Dr. Clements loves to travel with her husband and has been to every state and over 50 countries. She also dedicates time to visiting her four grandchildren in Tennessee every month.

So, straight from the mouth of this phenomenal woman, here are her suggestions for how to make your way in the accounting world based on her own personal path to success.

Students in one of Dr. Clements’ accounting classes.
  • Why you should major in accounting:
    There will always be a need for accountants and therefore there will always be jobs for accountants. The industry is one of a few that is nearly recession-proof.

  • How to balance all of your activities—the recipe for success: 
    Dr. Clements begins her day by answering all of her emails and creating her to do list, which is organized by priority and due dates. The classroom always takes the top priority, and then she works her way down the list.

  • How to work and learn effectively: 
    Working collaboratively in groups of three or four helps facilitate learning and studying, and if you need it, the professor will always be around to help.

  • Where an accounting major can end up: 
    While most accounting majors will choose to become public accountants at CPA firms or management accountants, the opportunities for jobs are endless. Students can also become bankers, investment officers, mortgage brokers, government finance employees, or any number of other things.

  • Good skills to have: 
    Aside from accounting classes, the Microsoft Excel course, where students gain Excel certification, is a valuable asset to help students simulate scenarios, create presentations, and modify charts and data.

  • The Journal of Accounting and Free Enterprise (JAFE)
    As the senior editor of this renowned journal, Dr. Clements knows that each and every JAFE article has a tie to free enterprise. This academic journal contains contributions to the academic community and business practice.

  • How she knows her methods work: 
    Clements says that some of her favorite memories in the classroom are the chills she gets at times when she can visibly see the “ah-ha” look on students’ faces when they finally understand a concept.