Mouth-Watering Dining Accommodates Busy, Hungry Students

Oct 21, 2015

by Danika Thiele '17 | Student Life Reporter

As a campus that’s constantly on the move, Florida Southern is alive with students who are frequently running from class to sporting event to meeting. To better serve this active, hunger-inducing lifestyle, Florida Southern’s food service vendor of more than 30 years, Guest Services, has created over the years a vast and health-conscious selection of quick and hearty foods for those in-between classes, while making sure to cater specially to the average student’s busy schedule, eating habits, and diets.

A simple All-American, All-Scrumptious burger from the Buck Stop never looked so good.

A plethora of diverse dining choices around campus provides menus that include options as familiar as that all-American burger and as gourmet as Blackened Mahi.

From the Grill Master to the newly added Happy Place on the other side of campus, students are able to quench their thirst and fill their appetites conveniently and satisfyingly.

“I love going to the Buck Stop between classes because it's fast service but very personable,” said FSC Blake Aviles ‘18. “Also, it's a place where my friends hang out and eat pizza. We always go up for seconds.”

A gem among dining options is Tutu’s Cyber Cafe. Established in 2007, Tutu’s was expanded in 2011 through an initiative led by SGA representatives to cater to the student body that desired a community atmosphere where studying and socializing could happen. Florida Southern listened, agreed, and implemented — showing that students have a voice and a power to make a difference. Proudly serving Starbucks™ coffee, Tutu’s is the go-to for midnight cramming or a coffee break after class.

Apart from the locations, tastiness, and student-need awareness, the dining venues at the College take several measures to include meals compatible with all food allergies ranging from nuts and shellfish to gluten. All dining service employees are formally trained according to the Food Allergy Training Guide for Colleges and Universities.

“The sous chef and his cooks work very hard to give [students] variety to keep it delicious, fresh, and safe for everyone. This is a real advantage over larger schools that cannot offer such personalized service”
~ Food Service Director Tim Raible

Careful labeling of various foods makes campus-dining options equipped with only the freshest and healthiest produce, agreeable to any diet. This extra notice to detail sets the Florida Southern dining experience apart from other institutions that may bring in fast-food chains to their campus, making control over a healthy selection more difficult.

“The biggest advancement in the past couple of years was catering to students who are allergic to gluten,” said Food Service Director Tim Raible. “In Wynee’s Bistro, we now offer gluten-free breads and wraps at the Wrap ‘N Roll Station.”

Pastas free of gluten are also available at the main dining hall’s Portobello Station. Wynee’s chefs prepare all their stocks from scratch, as stocks purchased often contain gluten or seasonings containing gluten. Gluten-free salads and salad dressings are also available. For more severe allergies, dining services take a uniquely personal approach.

In the mood for BBQ? You’ve come to the right place: the Happy Place.

“I believe that in severe allergy cases, it truly is a partnership between the student and FSC,” Raible said. “My staff and I are very approachable, and we personally know each student who has an allergy. The sous chef and his cooks work very hard to give them variety to keep it delicious, fresh, and safe for everyone. This is a real advantage over larger schools that cannot offer such personalized service.”

Because food is a very important aspect of the overall college experience, Florida Southern prides itself in superior and highly personal food services. If variety is the spice of life, Florida Southern has some very flavorful options that cater to every student’s diet and class schedule.