Get to Know Chase Hoyt '17

Dec 2, 2015

by Danika Thiele '17 | Student Life Reporter

It's not hard to find determined Florida Southern students taking leadership positions and advancing quickly in their field. We spoke to one of such students, and we found out that passion and motivation are just some of the key ingredients toward a successful career path.

Why did you choose Florida Southern?

I felt at home here. It was a small school, and it felt very welcoming. I didn’t think any of the large state schools I applied to had that ambience; I felt like I was more of a number there. Here, I am able to grow more as a person and create an identity for myself that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

What were your goals as an incoming freshman?

I did not expect to be at the point I am today. I was really interested in holding a position on campus. I wasn’t involved in SGA in high school, so I decided to give it a shot here. I got elected as a First Year Representative for Student Government, and I’ve been able to do some great things through my involvement with SGA.

At what point did you decide to become a nursing major?

I always wanted to be a pediatrician ever since I was very young. But I went through a rotation at the end of my senior year of high school at a hospital and I got to interact with a lot of people in the medical field-doctors, nurses, and CNAs. And I felt that the people with the most passion for what they were doing were nurses. So after first applying and being accepted to FSC as a biology major, I switched to nursing and I was very fortunate to get into the program. What’s awesome about the nursing program at FSC is that you start as a freshman. At other schools you start as a junior. This school lets you get hands-on experience with clinicals as soon as you are enrolled. FSC does a great job of balancing this experience with rigorous requirements to keep you in the program, like grades.

How have you made a difference at Florida Southern?

I helped bring Relay for Life to the Florida Southern campus last year. I wanted campus-wide participation in fundraising for the American Cancer Society’s signature event, the school’s inaugural Relay. So I started as an experienced leadership role, planning the race and making sure all went smoothly. With the Relay for Life team, we were able to successfully raise $14,500 through campus organizations’ donations.

Patient simulators allow Hoyt to work hands on and advance his experience in the nursing field .

Why is Relay for Life so important to you?

My mother was diagnosed with and survived cancer. Ever since that happened, I’ve wanted to help in any way I can. The American Cancer Society does so much to fund research, and I saw that FSC at the time didn’t have a successful Relay for Life. As a nursing major, I think it’s very important to support research within my field that will effect the world. It’s something I know makes my mother proud.

What other things have you done through SGA?

As Vice President of Community Service and Public Relations, I’ve helped organize Florida Southern’s Day of Impact the past two years. FSC was able to package over 10,000 meals for those with food insecurity. We worked alongside Feeding Children Everywhere. This empowered students of Florida Southern to assemble healthy meals for hungry children, really making a difference in the lives of others.

What other activities are you involved in?

Right now I’m working to improve the school’s recycling program. I always use a reusable bottle and I try to encourage everyone to do so. I’ve gotten the addition of four new water bottle refill stations around campus. To further push this initiative for sustainability, I am working with TĂștĂș’s Cyber Cafe to provide coffee mugs to students they can reuse. These mugs will also give students a discount.