Evan Talit Flexibility and Hard Work

Dec 14, 2015

by Cary McMullen | Publications Editor

Evan Talit discovered that it pays to be flexible. A senior with a double major in political science and environmental studies, he had intended to apply for an internship with a nongovernment organization and approached President Anne Kerr to ask for contacts who could give him recommendations. Dr. Kerr knew someone in the office of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, which led Talit to do some research and to apply for an internship in Sen. Nelson’s office instead. To his surprise, he was awarded a six-week internship in the senator’s Washington, D.C., office in May and June.

Every day in D.C. history is made and I tried to soak up every moment.

“It was certainly a life lesson,” Talit said. “Sometimes opportunities that aren’t an original goal can end up being our best decisions. The internship was perfect for me. Everything from the senator’s legislative history to current issues were the types of things I wanted to help with.”

Talit quickly learned that politics in Washington is fast-paced, and Talit said he was prepared by his classes and professors to handle the tasks he was given. His duties included speaking to constituents and tracking their opinions on pending legislation, attending Senate hearings, and conducting research for legislation.

“I attended hearings regarding the nuclear deal with Iran, the current issues in the Middle-East involving ISIS, carbon emission requirements, and opening up relations with Cuba. All the hearings were very educational,” he said.

Talit, who is planning to attend law school after graduation, also was allowed to attend the vote on the Senate floor on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

“Politics aside, to be present at a part of our history was amazing. Every day in D.C. history is made and I tried to soak up every moment,” Talit said. “I saw the internship purely as an opportunity. Something I learned at FSC is to let your hard work speak for itself, and as an intern your work effort is all you have to rely on. The faculty at FSC consistently pushed me to solve problems and find answers for myself, which gave me the experience I needed to learn and work as hard as I could.”