FSC American Chemical Society Wins Distinction Award

Dec 8, 2015

by Zoe Trout '17
Student Life Reporter

For its dedication to outreach, the Florida Southern American Chemistry Society (ACS) organization has earned the distinction of receiving the prestigious Commendable Award Plaque, which they will receive at the ACS national meeting in San Diego in March 2016.

The American Chemistry Society is a nationwide student organization dedicated to reaching out to passionate students who share the love of chemistry. The club works with Lakeland area students from elementary through high school to instill a passion for chemistry from a young age. Faculty members like Dr. Montgomery work with them side by side, providing real-world advice and experience.

“We mentor them in the lab and are able to watch them grow as scientists,” said Department Chair Dr. Carmen Gauthier. “We mentor them in student organizations and help them develop them as leaders in their field.”

The ACS members work with AP chemistry students at the local high school to put on labs throughout the semester, providing them with the opportunity to experience a lab in a college environment with all of the machinery that is rarely available at a high school level. 

The group also creates more accessible interactive labs for the younger students, with themes like “Chemistry Colors Our World,” utilizing candy and bright colors in the activities for younger students.

Students listen intently to a colleague’s lecture.

This meeting not only allows the students to feel a sense of pride for their efforts, but also provides them with an invaluable opportunity to network with like-minded students and chemistry professionals, including the honored speaker at each meeting, always a well-known chemist that is making significant contributions to the field.

This level of passion, engagement, and opportunity is contagious and student and faculty commitment is real. FSC does not just educate chemists, it engages them fully in the world of science and innovation that has the power to change the way we live.