Enactus Club One of Top 20 at Nationals

Apr 17, 2014

by Alex Bölke and Lexi Gauslow

Enactus, a student club at FSC devoted to community improvement through entrepreneurship, finished among the top 20 in the nation at a recent national competition that included more than 200 teams. 

Enactus is an international non-profit organization committed to improving quality of life through student-led entrepreneurship. There are over 500 Enactus teams operating in the United States, producing 500,000 volunteer hours annually.

The Enactus club at FSC has created several social entrepreneurship projects in the two years it has been in existence. Enactus students develop management skills, gain real-world business experience and receive access to internships, job databases, scholarships, conferences, and career fairs while helping others.

Each year, over 200 Enactus teams gather at a national competition to present their accomplishments. This year, Nationals were in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the first week of April. The FSC team presented three projects it accomplished in 2013-2014 that addressed needs in the Lakeland community and contributed to improving the quality of life in the city.

The first project, “Feed the Need,” was a three-part project with the goal of providing both immediate and long-lasting hunger relief. The Enactus club organized a collaborative community food drive, sponsored by Lakeland Mayor Howard Wiggs, which collected over 18,000 pounds of food in just one day that was donated to local charities. The team also formed a hunger council of influential Lakeland leaders to target poverty, the real problem behind hunger.

The second project, “Love Local,” is mutually beneficial for both FSC students and local farmers. Enactus started a delivery service through which students can order from a selection of fresh produce that is delivered to them from local farmers. Students are provided with an opportunity to support their local economy while eating healthy.

The third project, “Loop Florida,” was created in partnership with the Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center. The Center is a non-profit organization that helps anyone in need of hearing treatment. Enactus helped the center to become less dependent on grants and more self-funded through marketing the loop system, an amazing innovation that eliminates the issues of background noise faced by people with hearing loss. The Enactus team helped the center develop new marketing tactics, providing them with tools such as a promotional video and testimonials, and creating a semester-long internship devoted to expanding the marketing of the loop system.

At the Enactus Nationals, the FSC team advanced through the opening round to the quarterfinals, a significant achievement for a second-year team, but unexpectedly, the judges passed the group of six on to the semifinals. Only 20 teams out of more than 200 made it that far.

Although the FSC team did not make it to the finals, it is poised for greater success in the future. With a heart for people and mind for business, Florida Southern College Enactus seeks to empower its community, developing innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life and standard of living of those less fortunate.