Retiring Faculty Members Honored with Ceremony

May 1, 2014

by Cary McMullen | Publications editor

Five distinguished and long-serving faculty members retired in April and were honored with a ceremony in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room. 

The five and their years on the faculty are Associate Professor of Physical Education Kathleen Benn, 47 years; Professor of Economics Carl Brown, 34 years; Professor of History Francis Hodges, 36 years; Professor of Art History James G. Rogers, Jr., 22 years; and Professor of Accounting John Stancil, 16 years.

President Anne Kerr said that they had followed “a very noble calling.”

“We celebrate the accomplishments of faculty who have had such an impact on students’ lives, and the lives they will touch. The growth is exponential,” she said. “You have written history here, and I hope the career you have chosen has been meaningful for you.”

Each of the retiring faculty members offered brief remarks. All paid tribute to their colleagues.

Rogers said, “We are in a privileged line of work, helping young people down the road of life. It has been a great collaboration with many of you to build this institution.”

Brown, who helped start the MBA program at FSC, said, “Our students are now among the best we’ve ever had. We may not get paid a lot, but we do receive a kind of psychic income in this profession, and after 34 years, I’m a deeply wealthy man.”

Benn said her colleagues had kept her going for all those years.

“I just wanted to make a difference, and I think I did,” she said.

Hodges (left, with FSC Provost Kyle Fedler listening) noted that he had spent half his life on the faculty of the College.

“The Department of History has improved during my time here, and I’m leaving it in very good hands,” he said.

Stancil, who teaches tax accounting, said he had grown “professionally and many other ways” but joked, “I’m afraid I’ve created a lot of tax nerds.”