ZeeMee: The Best Way to Create College Connections

Kaelyn & Micah grew to love Florida Southern by using ZeeMee!

Sep 28, 2022

by Colton Dawson '24
Student Life Content Specialist

There’s no better way to get connected to the college experience than by joining ZeeMee! ZeeMee is a social app designed especially for colleges where prospective students can come together, meet one another, and get a head start on their first taste of independent living!

How do students join?
Florida Southern partners with ZeeMee to invite prospective students to the platform through emails and text messages. Once they download the application, students can view community posts, chat with other prospective and current students, and participate in live events. First-year students Kaelyn Benoit and Micah Liss are examples of hundreds of successful strangers turned Mocs turned friends through ZeeMee.

I sat down with each of them and asked how they felt about using this new app interface. They provided me with great feedback regarding their favorite parts of ZeeMee, how it helped ease their hesitations about moving to campus, and why they'd recommend prospective students use it. Let's find out what they had to say!

What was your favorite part about ZeeMee?
With ample channels, connections, and events on ZeeMee, I was expecting this to be a rather difficult question for my interviewees. However, their answers were almost both immediate and identical. The “Ask A Current Student” channel and the live events hosted every month were their favorites!

Kaelyn said she was “able to feel what Florida Southern College was really like by someone close in age, which made Florida Southern stand out from the other universities.”

Regarding the various live events hosted on ZeeMee, Micah said that the live events were “honestly a highlight of the month! Aside from winning free FSC merch, the events showed that FSC really cares about student engagement, which was something no other university came close to achieving!"
Now, having been a Southern Influencer on the app and host of several live events, I'd say these two Mocs really know what they're talking about!

Micah and Kaelyn participating in FSC campus events.
Micah and Kaelyn participating in FSC campus events.
What were your hesitations about arriving on campus?
One of the big concepts I wanted to cover was how successful ZeeMee was in alleviating any hesitations about arriving to campus. Micah stated, "It was very comforting talking to both current and other prospective students about the unknowns of living on a college campus - especially one in a different state than I'm from. I never felt like a burden when I asked questions, as I was always comforted with respect and honesty! I already felt like part of the community before I even arrived on campus thanks to ZeeMee. The transition from a virtual community to move-in day was basically seamless."

Kaelyn couldn't agree more since she explained that she wouldn't have felt as confident coming to campus without ZeeMee. She had claimed that she would've been "starting from very bare foundations alongside the few other students who chose to not use this awesome, free resource!"

Would you recommend using it?
If there's anything my marketing classes have taught me, it's that word-of-mouth advertising is extremely powerful. Don't take it from me, though. Both our Mocs stated that they would recommend the app to others without question. It became a staple tool in their college search process. The best part? Everything is free and can be accessed at any time, any day!

Micah even went a touch further and explained how he was sure he wouldn't be at FSC without ZeeMee. The app provided was an integral part of his final college decision!


Miach and Kaelyn enjoying their time at FSC!
Miach and Kaelyn enjoying their time at FSC! 


Any final thoughts?
Kaelyn really wanted to drive home just how interpersonal the resources on ZeeMee were. She explained that being able to reach out to new friends, potential roommates, current students, and admissions counselors was "an amazing interpersonal touch that set FSC apart from so many other institutions!"

Micah and I connected through ZeeMee and then on campus as I became his resident advisor. "It made me feel safer than I already felt, and even brought a sense of comfort amongst the hundreds of emotions that were circling on move-in day. I thought back to all the times you had helped me virtually, which reinforced the fact that you are both a great friend and resource for me and the rest of the residential hall. I even remember that I helped you pick your residential hall theme, Lego Star Wars!”

From resources, live events, and forever friendships, these two Mocs want to make sure you don't sleep on ZeeMee. This free platform provides prospective students with a safe space to ask questions, get involved, and get ahead of moving onward to college. Don't miss out on the fun, friends, and faculty. Download ZeeMee today!

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