What to Really Bring to College

Please, leave the 75" TV at home.

Mar 4, 2022

by Colton Dawson '24
Student Life Content Specialist
Whether you take on a minimalist approach to packing, or bring enough underwear to last seven days on a two day trip, figuring out what to bring to college can be difficult. Do you really need a whole coffee bar in your dorm? How about that 75 inch flat screen? Is it even going to fit in the door? This article is going to tell you this Moc’s opinion on what you really need to bring to FSC!

Communal Bathroom Necessities

Communal Bathroom Necessities
As you probably know by now, most of the bathrooms in FSC Residence Halls are communal to some extent. As shared spaces tend to go, they aren’t ideal for leaving a sink-full of toiletries, as people may think they were left there for everybody to use. With that being said, a shower caddy will quickly become your number one bathroom buddy. It’s simple, find a cheap one at Target or Amazon (you don’t need to be a material gworl over a caddy, I promise), load up all your shower necessities, and just carry it back and forth with you. In the long run, it’s handy and prevents someone from using your items. Another item that I cannot encourage enough are shower shoes. Despite having amazing housekeeping, communal showers aren’t the ideal place to reenact the dance sequence from Singing In The Rain while barefoot. Once again, find a cheap option (my $8 flip flops from Wal-Mart are still going strong two years later), and just wear them into the bathroom. At the end of the day, you’ll thank yourself for being hygienic. Aside from these two big ticket items, don’t forget all of your usual amenities as well as towels, a hair dryer, hairbrushes, and a shaving kit!

Daily Dorm Life Necessities

Dorm Life Necessities
To sound like a broken record, I’m sure everyone has begun to tell you that your dorm is your home away from home. With that being said, there is a very bold line that distinguishes ‘dorm’ from ‘house but dorm sized’. As someone who learned the hard way what you really need while living on campus and now has two boxes of extra stuff in his closet, take my advice here. Below are just some necessities I believe you will need to have handy in your dorm:
  • School supplies (I know…duh, right? But seriously, pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, sticky notes, and binders will be your best friend).
  • UL- listed surge protectors with on/off switch (the digital age of humanity calls for many outlets, but don’t overload just one!)
  • Desk lamp
  • Small trash can
  • First-aid kit/Prescription medications and copies of each prescription/medical insurance card)

Decor and Entertainment

Decor and Entertainment
Whether it be in a single or a double, you are entitled, and frankly encouraged to decorate your space however you may choose. Now, despite having creative freedoms, there are multiple Community Living guidelines in place prohibiting certain items, but we’ll get there soon enough. Currently living in a single dorm in Wesley Residence Hall, the list below showcases some of the odds and ends I bought that really make my room a total vibe:
  • Throw rug
  • Electric wax warmer (great candle alternative and provides ambient lighting, which is hands-down the superior lighting option).
  • Posters/prints (don’t forget the 3M strips or poster putty)!
  • Bedding Set (sheets, comforter, pillowcases)
  • Mattress Pad (when I tell you that this will be the best investment you could make in college, I mean it).
  • Pictures/Small Memorabilia (while at your second home, you don’t want to forget about your first)!
  • TV/Gaming Console (43” and below are great sizes for a TV in a dorm room)! 

Laundry Necessities

Laundry Necessities
Now, I don’t know about you, but one of the hardest parts of growing up was having my mom stop doing my laundry. Looking back, I’m grateful she did, as it prepared me for the college laundry experience. I mean, I even separate the whites from the darks…does anyone even do that anymore? Not important, anyway, here’s what you’ll need:
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (It is Florida, after all, but remember that the winter cold fronts are no joke!)
  • Business attire for presentations in your classes
  • Sunglasses/swimsuit (and an umbrella/rain boots, on the flip side)
  • High - efficiency laundry detergent, stain remover stick, and dryer sheets
  • Clothing hangers
  • Laundry basket/bag
  • Lint roller


What NOT To Bring

What NOT to Bring
With all the items listed and recommended that you bring, you may be feeling that the limitations are nonexistent. However, FSC Community Living does condemn certain items from being within a residence hall. These items can stay out of the bags and you can stay out of trouble!
  • Candles/incense (not so fun fact: FSC has burned down twice, so we’re not taking any flammable chances here).
  • String lights (they may be pretty, but leave the Pinterest plans for your home)
  • Open coil appliances (air fryers, waffle makers, toasters, hot plates)
  • Weapons - both modern and medieval (I cannot make this up, it’s a rule for a reason)
  • Extra Mini-Fridge (unless you have medical clearance)
  • Unregistered pets (we all love a good doggo, but fido has to stay at home this time around)
  • Extension cords (surge protectors are the way to go!)