Top Ten Spots at FSC: Photo Op Edition

Extend your selfie stick and head on over to the top ten most beautiful spots on campus!

Feb 4, 2022

by Colton Dawson '24
Student Life Content Specialist

Are you a photography lover in need of some new scenery? A social media influencer needing some refreshing new content for your following? Or are you like me and like to goof off in front of a camera with your friends? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re definitely in luck, as FSC houses a plethora of insta-worthy spots. Grab your ring lights and extend those selfie sticks, because this article is a head-first dive into the top ten most beautiful spots on campus!

The Water Dome

1. The Water Dome

By far the focal point of our entire campus, the Water Dome is a must-have background for any FSC student’s social media posts. With spouts of water that can reach the height of the nearby Roux Library, this majestic pool of water is 160 feet of pure fire…pun intended. [Oh, and we're not going to show you the dome here, you'll have to visit campus to see it!]

Logo Wall

2. Logo Wall

As a Moc, having an abundance of school pride is simply second nature. Where else to capture your school pride and boost your like count than our famous logo wall. Directly in front of Wynee’s Bistro, this wall serves as a reminder of FSC history, as well as a landmark on your journey to delicious food every day.

The Water Dome

3. Barnett Residential Walkway

Imagine going to a lakefront college and not utilizing it to boost your socialite status. Well, thanks to the walkway leading to Nicholas and Wesley Hall, now you don’t have to! This road is common ground for those perfect golden hour photoshoots directly overlooking Lake Hollingsworth!

The Water Dome

4. The Moc Dock/Lake Hollingsworth

What’s better than overlooking the crystalline waters of Lake Hollingsworth? Simple. Being on the waters of Lake Hollingsworth! Our Moc Dock is beautiful as is, but when paired with three square miles of water (especially during the early mornings), your new post is sure to shatter the algorithm.

The Water Dome

5. Ruth’s Rose Garden

Calling all cottage-core lovers and nature enthusiasts! Ruth’s Rose Garden is where it’s at! Fostering over 250 variations of rose and actively maintained by Professor Manners (a true king) and students, your next photo op is sure to turn heads, and smell pretty too!

The Water Dome

6. Lynn’s Garden

Yet another spot here on campus to fulfill your cottage-core, fairy-core, or nature aesthetic, Lynn’s Garden is located right next to Nicholas Residence Hall. Here you’ll have the chance to score a shot with amazing greenery, flowers, and even animals like squirrels and butterflies!

Garden of Meditation

7. Evelyn and Warren Willis Garden of Meditation

What’s a better way to showcase your journey of inner peace than by posing in front of our very own meditation garden? This replica of a Hindu temple and reflecting pool is by far a staple piece for any social media profile. Besides, you’ll also be showing your thanks to the evangelist family that made having such a tranquil space on campus a reality.

Mr. George's Green

8. Mr. George's Green

In the center of campus sits a field. But, it’s not any field, it’s Mr. George’s Green! This well-kempt area that hosts many of our on-campus events is perfect for snapping a fun shot at iconic campus traditions like Blast-Off, Winter Wonderland, and many more!

Mishalanie-Layton Garden Plaza

9. Mishalanie-Layton Garden Plaza

Nestled in between Allan Spivey and Joseph Reynolds Halls, this small courtyard is perfect for capturing student life candids. With lush greenery clashing all too well with the burgundy brick, using this area as your set is bound to boost those likes. Also, there’s a fountain, and who doesn’t love a good fountain?

Becker Business Building Lobby

10. Becker Business Building Lobby

Perfectly combining modern architecture with eclectic furnishings and decor, the Becker Business Lobby isn’t home to just future CEO’s, but dozens of photoshoots a day. Lounge out on the couches, pose in the chairs, or even gaze up at the artistic chandeliers; no matter what you do in here, your photo is bound to come out unique and eye-catching!