Out Of The Snow & Into The Sand: Visit Your Future Home!

After your visit, roll out of Admissions and hit these "hot" spots.

Feb 25, 2022

by Colton Dawson '24
Student Life Content Specialist

Snowstorms, freezing temperatures, and icicles that’ll take your eye out, oh my!

It’s no doubt that a northern winter is a Floridian’s worst nightmare. Not to mention, any Northerner dreams of spending the chilly season here in the Sunshine state. Well, what’s stopping you from taking the trip down to visit us? Need help planning? Don’t worry. I’ve already got your itinerary of things to do here in Florida (besides tour FSC, of course) below!

Go to the Beach

Go To The Beach!

During the winter, while many northerners are held up in their homes thanks to an icy climate and several feet of snow, us Mocs are losing layers while sun-tanning at some of Florida’s famous beaches. Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, and Ft. Desoto Park are all just an hour and fifteen minutes away from our beautiful campus! After spending half the day here on campus exploring your academic future, I personally couldn’t think of a better place to be than Clearwater Beach. Go ahead, trade those snowshoes for some flip flops, lose some of those long-sleeved layers, and get a head start on your Florida tan. You’ll fit right in!

Try an aquatic recreational activity

Try An Aquatic Recreational Activity!

Not a fan of the beach? I don’t blame you; sand getting in all those uncomfortable crevices isn’t a battle for the faint of heart. Rather than go to the beach, try your hand at one of many aquatic recreational activities right here in Lakeland. Including your very own private access to Lake Hollingsworth (the joys of being an FSC student, amirite?). Lakeland offers 38 lakes in total for you and your snowbird family to get your wings wet with experiences in kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and so much more! Whether you’re reenacting Deadliest Catch with your fishing rod or Life of Pi with your kayak, I can guarantee that you and your family will have fun in the sun! Maybe forgo the tiger, you know, for the swan’s sake.

Go to a theme park

Go To A Theme Park!

Do you know where the happiest place on Earth is? Now I know we were all thinking of FSC, but I’m talking about Disney World! Florida is home to Disney and so many other reputable theme parks that all offer a unique experience everyone should experience at least once in their life. Universal, Busch Gardens, Aquatica, each of them are filled with fast-paced roller coasters, delicious food that’ll make you question your blood pressure, and fun carnival-esque games that offer incredible prizes! Take it from a native Floridian who used to believe theme parks were overhyped and now has an annual pass to almost all of them; you need to make time to visit these monuments of recreational activities.

Go on a road trip

Go On A Road Trip!

Here in Florida, black ice is just a car freshener that makes long car rides much more enjoyable. The roads throughout Florida are paved for smooth traveling to so many hit tourist spots that are enriched with culture! Saint Augustine, The Florida Keys, and Everglades National Park are three places I frequent the most when escaping my bustling daily life on I-4 or Highway 98. After seeing our historically beautiful campus, visiting the Fountain of Youth in Saint Augustine would be a perfectly ironic ending to a great day. Or, you could make a weekend out of your trip to see us and stay in the actual Everglades, which makes the nature around our little nook in Lakeland look like a terrarium! There is no need to wait! Roll out of Admissions after your tour, turn on the GPS, and blare music that makes you feel like the main character on your way to these hot spots! If you choose FSC as your home and label yourself a Moc, the potential adventures will be sure to slither your way!