Meet Ruby Silver

Mar 7, 2022

by FSC Staff

Ruby is a Sophomore from Spring Hill, FL. She majors in Psychology and Communications with a focus on Advertising and Public Relations. You can find Ruby around campus giving tours as a Southern Ambassador and acting as a Senator for the Student Government Association, Vice President Community Outreach for the Panhellenic Council, and Social Chairwoman and Sisterhood Chairwoman of her sorority!

Why FSC: "As a Florida native, I always said if I stayed in Florida for college, I would only want to go to FSC. Florida Southern offered the small campus size I was looking for and hands-on learning experiences, small class sizes, and one-on-one relationships with advisors and professors."

A day in Ruby's life

8:00 AM: "Around 8 AM, I wake up, check my emails, look at my Google Calendar to prepare for my day, and work on any time-sensitive projects. During this time, I'll respond to important emails, work on projects, and sign and submit any forms I need to send in."

9:00 AM: "I start getting ready for the day by showering, picking out my outfit, and tidying up around the apartment. If I finish early, I'll cook up some breakfast. My favorite things to whip up in the morning are egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and smoothies! After breakfast and chores, I'll head over to campus."

11:00 AM: "Classes start for me around this time! My first class of the day is Human Sexuality. This class is super interesting and is an elective for my Psychology major." 

12:00 PM: "With the first class of the day out of the way, I have a little break in my schedule! Usually, this time is used to grab a snack if I didn't have breakfast. Buckstop pizza and Tutu's are super convenient since they're near Ordway, our social sciences building. If I'm not hungry, I'll run a quick errand or lounge in my sorority's chapter room. The couch in there is so comfortable; it basically traps you into a catnap." 

1:30 PM: "Now it's time for my second and final class of the day. I head over to Chatlos Communications for Race, Gender, Class, and Media. This class is an eye-opening discussion-based course."

4:00 PM: "My classes for the day are over, and I'm back at my apartment to work on any assignments that I haven't finished or get a headstart on ones that were assigned that day. I typically prep my dinner at this time. I throw some chicken into a marinade with Greek spices, lemon, and olive oil. I'll finish up any chores that I didn't get around to before class, like cleaning, organizing, or making important phone calls." 

5:00 PM: "I whip up some dinner before I have to head out to my evening activities back on campus. Chicken, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts are my easy go-to weeknight dinner when I need something quick between classes and busy evenings! If I'm not feeling like cooking, I'll head to campus early to grab Happy Place or a meal from Wynee's Bistro! Chicken wing night in Wynee's is my favorite!"

6:00 PM: "With dinner done and dishes in the dishwasher, I head back to campus to the Hollis Room for sorority chapter. During formal chapter meetings, we go over important information regarding chapter events, philanthropy, and Greek Life on campus as a whole."

8:00 PM: "Leaving chapter sadly means saying goodbye to my sorority sisters for the night, but I'm bound to see many of them around campus and in class! I'll head to my car and drive to Publix or Target to grab anything I may need for the week, then back to my apartment to put everything away." 

9:00 PM: "Now it's time for relaxation! I curl up on the couch, watch some TikToks, grab a snack, and turn on a documentary or show on Netflix. I look over my calendar for the next day, respond to any texts I've gotten throughout the day, and wind down before bed."

11:00 PM: "Time for bed! I have to be up early for a tour the following day, so I tidy up the sofa, wash and put away any remaining dishes, and plug in all of my devices to charge. Once all of that is done, it's time for bed! Thanks for spending the day with me!"