Meet Jimmy Houle

Mar 7, 2022

by FSC Staff

Jimmy is a sophomore Elementary Education major from Templeton, Massachusetts! On-campus, Jimmy is involved in several organizations! Jimmy is a Southern Ambassador and acts as the Director of Leadership for the program and is also a part of Kappa Delta Pi, a professional education honor society! He is also a Resident Advisor in the Greek Suites, a Student Government of Association senator, and a Student Influencer!

Why FSC: "In the middle of a global pandemic two years ago, I decided to come to Florida Southern College on a random Tuesday night at the dinner table! Florida Southern College currently holds the number one education program for pre-service teachers in the state. With the constant engaged learning experiences in the classroom, I knew I would be ready to teach! The small class sizes, campus community, guarantee to travel, and research opportunities have made me stand out here at FSC- definitely more than a number!"

A day in Jimmy's life

7:00 AM: "I wake up to three alarms (I am not a morning person!) I get dressed, put my contacts in, and head to Tutus Cyber Cafe to grab a Starbucks iced coffee (my lifeblood truly) and look at the sunrise reflection over the water dome before my 8:00 AM class!" 

7:56 AM: "I stroll into the Chatlos Communications Building for my first class of the day-  running right on time for class at 8! Intercultural Communications- My professor is Dr. Loh! She's the current acting president of the Pan-American Lacrosse Association and is one of the nicest professors you'll ever meet! This class is very discussion-based where our 16 person class delves deep into stereotype models, theories, and current events!" 

9:10 AM: "After Intercultural Communications, I make my way clear across campus for my Instructional Methods of Elementary Math class at 9:25! It's good that the campus is only a 15-minute walk from one side of campus to the other, so I make it in plenty of time! My professor for this class is Dr.Rakes, and she is a co-chair of a national educators conference and my academic advisor! This is one of my favorite courses because we use manipulatives and learn the most effective teaching strategies for them." 

10:35 AM: "I'm usually pretty hangry at this point, so I always head to Wynees Bistro for my favorite meal of the day- breakfast. I religiously get the croissant sandwich of the day- egg, cheese, meat, with honeydew, cantaloupe, and hashbrowns. Sometimes I mix it up with some fruit loops. Because I am in the sunshine state, I always get a cup of sunshine to drink- orange juice!"

11:00 AM: "With all of my involvement, I usually have a meeting during this time- it's convo hour! Most students don't have class at this hour, so we all have a chance to eat and have meetings!"

12:00 PM: "NAP TIME! I head back to my room and take a quick power nap, so I am refreshed and ready for the rest of the day!" 

2:00 PM: "Grind time- I head to the local Planet Fitness (or binge watch my favorite show in my room, depending on the day!)."

5:30 PM: "Dinner time! I head to the main cafeteria for dinner! My favorite sides are the fresh veggies from the salad bar and the carrot cake! They always have music playing, and all of the cafeteria workers have the brightest smiles! I drop my tray off at a table with my friends and head to grab a diet coke (my favorite drink) and stop to say hello to everyone I know in the cafe!" 

7:00 PM: "I head to tutus to study and work on homework or play intramurals, stop at the Moc Mart for some ice cream, or hang out with friends!"