Meet Ezra Cooper

Mar 7, 2022

by FSC Staff

Reynold Ezra Cooper, or Ezra for short, is from Trinidad & Tobago, all the way in the Caribbean! Ezra is a Computer Science major with a concentration in Cybersecurity and a minor in Spanish, though he's considering double majoring because he found a passion for Spanish! When he's not overheating his brain in class, you can find Ezra giving campus tours. He's also involved in our Black Student Union, Computer Science Club, and Greek life!

Why FSC: "The main problem with graduating college students is that they have their degree but lack job-related experience. So when I was looking at colleges, I was hooked on Florida Southern when I saw that one of their guarantees is that every student gets an internship! After spending a year on campus and learning about more of their programs dedicated toward students at the Rogers building, I am glad that I made this choice knowing that I'll have a loaded resume with tons of work experience when I graduate."

A day in Ezra's life

7:45 AM: "I wake up and immediately jump off my bed before falling asleep. Afterward, I head straight to the shower to get ready for my 9:00 AM campus tour."

8:15 AM: "I make a quick oatmeal in the microwave and whatever fruit I have in my dorm while watching a YouTube video or listening to music."

8:30 AM: "Right now, I'll be at the France Admissions Building helping my fellow Southern Ambassadors set up for the tour by refilling the watercooler, folding t-shirts, or greeting families and having them seated for their upcoming tour."

9:15 AM: "Tour time! You can catch me talking about the majority of campus while walking backward with a huge smile on my face!"

11:15 AM: "After the tour, I'll head back into my dorm and take another shower since I've basically been doing cardio all morning. Afterward, I'll pack my books and laptop for my Spanish class, then relax until it's about 20 minutes to begin walking to it."

12:15 PM: "This is when I fully turn into a native Spanish speaker, reading, thinking, writing, and speaking Spanish!"

1:25 PM: "After class, I'll head straight to Wynee's Bistro, our main cafeteria, and get a hot box of delicious food, dessert, and a drink. Then I go to my dorm in Jenkins Hall and relax until my computer science class at 3:05 PM."

3:05 PM: "This is when I entirely turn into a computer, thinking and typing like a robot! We usually solve puzzles, develop programs, or just have fun with whatever my professor has planned for us. I never feel like I'm in school with my classes because the teachers do not ever stand and lecture. They always find some fun game or activity that would incorporate the class topic."

4:15 PM: "I am done with classes for the day, so I return to my dorm relax or hang out with friends until my fraternity meetings at 6:00PM."

8:00 PM: "After my meetings, I'll go grab some dinner at the Healthy Blend Deli and go straight to the gym to finish my night!"