Meet Colton Dawson

Mar 7, 2022

by FSC Staff

Colton is a sophomore Business Administration major with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications from Beverly Hills, Florida. When he's not in the classroom or studying with friends, he serves as a Resident Advisor for Wesley Residence Hall, Southern Ambassadors, is VP of Organization Operations for the Cave of Positivity Club, and a Communications Assistant for Enrollment Management!

Why FSC: "Two years ago, I decided to enroll at FSC due to its quaint community and immersive atmosphere. Everywhere I go on campus, I always see a friend, pass someone new, or enjoy the campus's scenic beauties. With 100+ clubs and organizations that almost always have something going on every day, I knew I'd have a hard time being bored. From petting the campus cats, to the study sessions at Tutu's Cyber Cafe, to video game tournaments in Wesley's lounge, every day is an adventure here."

A day in Colton's life

7:00 AM: "This is when my day typically starts. Now, I'm no morning person, but the view I have of the sunrise from Lake Hollingsworth in Wesley Residence Hall makes waking up worth it."

8:00 AM: "With a granola bar in hand and a touch of grogginess behind my eyes, I head to my first class: Advertising & Public Relations. While being a minor requirement, this class is one of my personal favorites given the engaging discussions and fun projects we work on!"

9:30 AM: "After class, I have just enough time to walk across campus to my internship in the France Admissions Building. Here I'm able to let my creative flow, writing articles about different aspects of campus life for prospective students and families. Shameless plug, but you should definitely check out my MocFeeds on the website!"

12:30 PM: "Internship's over, and with an hour to spare, it's lunchtime! You'll usually find me at The Buck Stop or Fresh Twist. How could you say no to a fresh pretzel or a big slice of cheese pizza?"

1:40 PM: "Back to the educational grind with my Interpersonal Communications class. I enjoy this class because of our deep, personal discussions and the ability to learn more about myself and how to grow my emotional intelligence!"

3:30 PM: "With the educational portion of my day over, I find myself back in my dorm. I usually like to shoot a text to my residents to make sure everyone is good before laying down for my daily nap. I don't care how old I get; I'll always need a good nap to keep going through the day."

5:30 PM: "When I finally wake up from my temporary hibernation, I give myself enough time to comb down my bed-head and head out the door again for a club meeting!"

6:00 PM: "It's meeting time! Tonight's club is the Cave of Positivity: a social organization motivated by a passion to do good things for yourself and spread kindness to others. This week we did an activity in which we all wrote a 'pick-me-up' note on a Jenga block before making a tower of positivity with them!"

7:00 PM: "With the meeting over, I snag a couple of friends to head to Wynee's Bistro for dinner. We're all Steak & Shake fiends, so you're sure to see us munchin' on fries, sippin' a shake, and laughing about our day."

8:30 PM: "With the sun setting, I head back to Wesley. I like to shower and get into some comfy clothes before working on homework!"

10:00 PM: "With the textbooks closed and the laptop on the charger, I boot up my PS5, pull over my comfy lounge chair, and try to make at least an inch of progress in my new game, Elden Ring! It's developed to be difficult, but I promise I know what I'm doing!"

11:30 PM: "Controller down, phone on vibrate, and my head on my pillows, it's time for this busy dude to catch some Z's. As a night owl, 11:30 PM is the new 8:30 PM for me, but I know that more than four hours of sleep is in my best interest."