Meet Claire Winters

Mar 7, 2022

by FSC Staff

Claire is a Lakeland native! She is a current junior majoring in Nursing. Claire serves as a Resident Advisor, a Southern Ambassador, a Scholars Weekend Leader, the School of Nursing Senator for Student Government, a member of campus ministries, a member of Student Nursing Association, a member of Christian Nursing Fellowship, and a few other things! Phew!

Why FSC: "Florida Southern has been able to offer me so much! The Nursing program is direct entry, and we start our clinicals in the fall of our sophomore year, so I did not have to worry about competing against my peers, a lot less stressful! I have attended clinicals all around central Florida, from Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center to Winter Haven Hospital to All Children's in St. Petersburg. I was super involved in high school, and that was something I wanted to carry on when I got to college; Florida Southern made that possible. I have made great relationships with the professors and faculty at FSC and have made some of my best friends."

A day in Claire's life

7:30 AM – "I love the mornings, big time morning person! When I wake up, I get my laptop and my backpack and head over to Tutu's to start on some work for the day."
10:00 AM – "I head over to the nursing building for my Adult Health 2 class, where I learn about different skills and nursing care related to different diseases. The skills I learn here are the  same skills I use during clinicals each week."
12:00 PM – "I head over to Tutu's with my friends after class to get lunch! I always get a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich – TOASTED – with a lemonade. We all study and get work done until our next class."
2:00 PM – "I go to my favorite class in the nursing building – Pediatrics! My teacher is the best, and I hope to be a pediatric nurse one day, so this class is very interesting to me!"
3:45 PM – "I usually run into a safety officer (Terry, George) or a Lakeland Police Officer (Officer Leach) and talk to them a little about their day – great guys that keep us safe!"
4:30 PM – "After class, I head to the gym for a group exercise class: spin, strength training, pilates, barre, or a HIIT style class."
5:30 PM – "I head over to Wynee's Bistro for "family dinner." My friends and I like to call it this because we all sit at a long table and eat and catch up."
6:30 PM – "I have either a Resident Advisor meeting or attend Senate for Student Government depending on the day of the week! I love how I can get involved in the school and serve in different leadership positions."
8:00 PM – "I attend Beyond, a student-led campus ministry on campus! My friends and I all go to support my friends who are speaking that night and get to build our relationship with the Lord."
9:00 PM – "At the end of the night we will go over to one of our friend's rooms. We stop by Moc Marc to get ice cream or chocolate, then talk or play a board game! Then we do it all over again the next day!"