Meet Catherine Cervone '19

A musical theatre major who recently landed an originating role in CoComelon Live's National Tour.

Jan 7, 2022

Ever dream about performing at Madison Square Garden? Well, so did FSC alum Catherine Cervone, and now that dream is coming true!

Catherine’s a proud member of Florida Southern’s class of 2019. As a student, she was involved in Greek Life, Southern Ambassadors, the theatre and dance department, and much more! Post-graduation, Catherine has performed at Carowinds, Georgia, worked as a Social Media Virtual Assistant with The Leverage Model, and is a Contributing Writer at the Central Florida Media Group, leading up to her current role in CoComelon Live’s National Tour! We had the pleasure to sit down with Catherine and learn more about her journey to where she is today.

What was your area of study while attending FSC?
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, Bachelor of Science in Communications: Multimedia Journalism

Why FSC?
As a former FSC Southern Ambassador (tour guide), I answered this question many times throughout my college career. I was first attracted to FSC by the ability and willingness to work with my desire to get a double major in Musical Theatre (BFA) and Multimedia Journalism (BS), as many other schools told me it was impossible. When I came to visit FSC at Scholar’s Weekend, I immediately felt at home on campus and in my department. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and it seemed like exactly the place I wanted to be to learn!

Favorite memory at FSC?
Too many to even begin! But one of my favorites was going in the Water Dome with friends at Senior Splash! I also really enjoyed my sorority experience and being part of Greek life at FSC.

Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern
Some of Catherine’s highlights during her time at FSC. Performing with the theater and dance department, her senior project, senior splash, running home on bid day, and much more!

What led you to this career path/when did you know this is what you wanted to do?
I’ve wanted to dance since I was little, but I didn’t realize until high school that I wanted to continue doing it professionally. I’ve liked writing since childhood, but again didn’t realize I wanted to go into journalism until late high school. I was lucky to have several wonderful mentors in high school that helped me realize this!

Tell us about your current employment/role:
I will be performing in the first CoComelon Live! National Tour! We premiered in December 2021 in the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden and start our tour soon. I also do some freelance writing work for media agencies.

What was your reaction when you found out you got the role?
I was honestly so shocked. It was such a dream come true that it was hard to believe!

Best advice for students wanting to pursue the same path?
There’s a lot more to “booking” gigs than just being talented. So much of it is networking, along with many other tasks that go on behind the scenes. Your performance training is one aspect of what you do, but it’s important to also focus on all the other parts that help you get the job. Never stop believing in yourself!