Meet Avery Standifer '24

A Business Administration major with minors in Communications and Integrated Marketing Communications from Fruitland Park, FL.

Apr 20, 2022

by Tina Cruz
Communications Coordinator

Avery is a legacy to Florida Southern by following in her family's footsteps, continuing the tradition of attending FSC for college. Avery's involved in many aspects of campus life, such as Greek Life, Community Living, and is the marketing chair of the Cave of Positivity club. We had the pleasure to sit down with Avery and learn more about her FSC journey.

What made you choose FSC?
I chose FSC for the opportunities! Having mentors within my career field was a pushing factor. Also, the ability to follow in dad, grandpa, and aunt's footsteps is incredible! I get to live and learn in the same place as my family did!

How did you choose your major?
Believe it or not, I chose my major back in eighth grade! Some family members told me that the most successful people in life were business majors in college while doing a project, haha! I know now that you can be successful no matter the major, but this resonated with me as a child. I also have two communications-based minors because I want to be good at interpersonal communication and make lasting impressions wherever I work.

What do you want to do with your degree?
That's an easy one! I want to work for a non-profit where I know I'm making an impactful difference behind the scenes.

You're also serving as a Resident Advisor for first years; tell me about your experience!
Yes! I currently serve as a first-year RA for the second floor of Wesley Residence Hall. Where do I even begin? I love my job. I get to connect with first-years, be their first friendly face on campus, serve as a resource, and decorate my hall with various posters, bulletin boards, door tags, and even ribbons/streamers! It's also very endearing knowing that my residents can come to me as a friend and as a resource for all their needs - big and small!  

Collage of Avery and her time at FSC
Some of Avery's highlights during her time at FSC. 


How do you feel FSC has prepared you for your future career?
I have grown as a leader and follower and have even been offered internships/career opportunities as a sophomore, which is insane.

If you're involved in Greek Life, why did you rush, and what do you do?
I am a part of the educational business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi on campus and the social sorority Gamma Phi Beta! I chose to join these organizations to partake in the knowledgeable, professional experiences that DSP offers and create long-lasting relationships/friendships with my fellow sisters to promote networking and success for my future within GPB.

What is your favorite example of engaged learning?
Definitely the BUS1115 Shark Tank Competition! I participated as a first-year and was an active part of a group that made it to the 'top ten' during rounds. Later, I even supported future first-years as a Peer Mentor in the same class for this very project.

Favorite class? Spill the tea!
Principles of Management with Dr. Falcon, without a doubt. I learned so much about being efficient and effective at managing various employees from different backgrounds. We had in-class projects and activities that helped us better understand how to react to real-life situations. Fun fact: she even wrote a book about it! 

Where do you hope to see yourself a year from now?
I'm glad you brought that up! I'm super excited - beyond excited, to be in England on my Study Abroad trip! I've arranged my schedule here on campus with my Academic Advisor so well that I will be able to take any class I want while overseas! I don't know many other colleges that allow me to take a 'Moc’-cation after four semesters of hard work, but FSC does!

What has been the most significant achievement of your career here at FSC?
At one point in time, I had a total of five job offers from various companies, both off and on campus! I was very impressed with myself in how I could advocate for myself as a successful, independent, and determined young professional.