Meet Anna Grace Chandler '24

A BFA Theatre Performance major with a minor in Business Administration

Jul 1, 2022

by Tina Cruz
Communications Coordinator

Since Anna Grace was 13 years old, she knew that Florida Southern would be her home when it was time to search for colleges. Anna Grace is involved in many aspects of campus life, such as Greek Life, Southern Ambassadors, Residential Advisors, and more! We had the pleasure to sit down with Anna Grace and learn more about her FSC journey.

What made you choose FSC?
I remember touring the college when I was 13 with my sister, who had begun her college search, and I fell in love with the campus. I could picture myself walking around, enjoying classes, making good friends, and being really happy here - I tugged my mom's arm and told her, "this is where I'm going to college," and five years later, I put down my deposit.

How did you choose your major?
I have wanted to be an actor since a young age and always had a great support system behind that - getting to go to college and study what I have loved since I was almost two years old is really incredible. Through the theatre department, I can work with film students as well, building skills and making connections.

What do you want to do with your degree?
I would love to go into the film industry and try my hand at acting. I know it's a challenging and competitive environment, but it's just what I've always wanted to do. The business classes I take are monumental. It will give me the advantage I need because I'm learning how to navigate interviews and contracts - vital components of going into film/tv/ or stage.

What is it like working as a Residential Advisor?
Words can't describe how much I love being an RA (but I'll try). I get to work with incoming first-year students, playing a significant role in their first experiences on campus. I love knowing that I am not only a resource for students but a friend. I have met incredible people and helped them talk things out, get jobs, or craft their own paths. I always try to be unbiased and focus on what they want and need to be what's best for them. I have also made some incredible friends within Community Living - people I think will be in my life for a very long time.  

Collage of Anna Grace and her time at FSC
Some of Anna Grace's highlights during her time at FSC. 


How do you feel FSC has prepared you for your future career?
I have definitely built more of a sense of independence - don't get me wrong, I still call my mom all the time - but I have much more confidence in handling things myself, applying for jobs, and getting a general handle on organizing and setting up my own future. I've learned much more about navigating tough conversations, standing up for my beliefs, honestly figuring out how to state what I want, and knowing who to go to help me. I have never found a lack of opportunities and people willing to help me here on campus.

What is your favorite example of engaged learning?
I've talked a lot about being a theatre major; one class all students in the program must take is stagecraft! We are literally up on the catwalk above the stage, learning how to hang lights and tie cords, or down in the shop learning how to use all the power tools. It was one of my favorite classes because we got to move around, solve problems, and use our hands daily.

Favorite class? 
My favorite class has been Principles of Marketing with Professor Bernthal. He is so good with students; ready with challenging questions and quick responses. He has a great sense of humor and genuine care for students. That class piqued my interest in marketing quite a bit, and I've already used a lot of the content from class in other areas of my schoolwork. His assignments were also engaging - we were able to create our own product, design, and selling strategies. In the end, I was really proud of my concept, which is a great feeling to have - being proud of your work! 

Where do you hope to see yourself a year from now?
Sometimes I get so excited, and I like to rush through life because I want to do anything and everything. I'm slowly learning to take my time and enjoy things more. I hope in a year from now, I'm still working all over campus but putting even more into my college experience, knowing there is no rush to get it all done so fast. I want to immerse myself more into the business world and continue with my classes in the business school, but also challenge myself more as an actor. I want to give everything my all.

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