Meet Anna Abell

Mar 7, 2022

by FSC Staff

Anna is a sophomore Applied Mathematics and Statistics major with a minor in Military Science. Anna is from Ramstein, Germany, but she calls Colorado Springs her hometown! When she is not in a classroom or studying with friends, she is a part of our Army ROTC program on campus and a Southern Ambassador! She is also the secretary of our Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA) and the Vice President of our Math Club. You can always find Anna participating in something FSC has to offer!

Why FSC: "When choosing the place I would attend college, I found that Florida Southern was not only the best fit when it comes to the size of the campus, I also felt that here I could grow as an individual. FSC had an excellent ROTC program and had many more significant areas of academics, involvement, and opportunities, plus the campus was beautiful! It also felt like a second home for me. My family lives overseas in Germany, and it was hard to be far away from them. However, FSC welcomed me with open arms. Home to me is a place not only where you feel comfortable but also have a family, and FSC honestly had that with their professors, students, and community."

A day in Anna's life

5:00 AM: "This is when my day typically starts because of being in the ROTC program. We wakeup early to conduct physical training in the morning. While I wouldn't say I like waking up early, I feel accomplished after PT, and it is a great way to start the day feeling new and refreshed."

7:00 AM: "After PT, I always go to Wynee's Bistro for breakfast with a couple of my friends!
Wynee's has so many options to choose from that I never have the same breakfast twice a week; I like to keep it different sometimes."

9:00 AM: "After a nice shower and getting packed for my first class of the day; I head to Calculus II on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This class is one of my personal favorites because I love learning about the different techniques to integrate and how to solve problems!"

11:00 AM: "After class, I head over to Wynee's again for lunch to get some Steak and Shake, or I go to Buck Stop to get some freshly baked pizza! I mean, who would say no to getting pizza
from the only nation's wood outdoor brick oven on a college campus?"

12:00 PM: "After lunch, I have just enough time to take a quick nap or catch up on homework
due for my next class. Either way, I try to use this time to be productive for myself and
rejuvenate my brain and mind."

1:30 PM: "I now head to the Polk Science Building, home to all STEM majors, to go to my
second class of the day: Intermediate in R. It not only fulfills my concentration in Data Analytics for my major, but it's also an excellent class to learn how to code."

3:30 PM: "Now, with classes all done for the day, I head back to my dorm to start on some
homework. I sometimes also go to Tutu's, our cafe on campus, to get some Starbucks brewed
coffee or tea and snacks!"

5:00 PM: "I start heading to my different club meetings and plan for upcoming events or
participate in general body meetings for clubs. Here at FSC, we have over 110 clubs, so there is something for everyone!"

6:00 PM: "After work, I head to Wynee's Bistro for dinner. They recently opened up a new line
called the "Super Bowl." It's like a chipotle bowl where you can get rice or pasta as a base,
meat, vegetables, and sauce with some sides. It's super delicious!"

8:00 PM: "I start to dwindle around this time and either finish some homework that I need to do or read a book. I take this time to relax and prepare myself for the next day!"

9:00 PM: "This is when I try to aim to go to bed, mostly because I have to wake up early the
following day to repeat it all over again."