Healthy Hacks

Eating Healthy on Campus? Here's What You Need to Know!

Mar 4, 2022

by Colton Dawson '24
Student Life Content Specialist

Here at FSC, there’s a lot of things you won’t be. Unsuccessful…bored…hungry, just to name a few. With so many mouth-watering, savory foods that leave you full, it’s hard to pick just three square meals a day. From savory bacon to juicy double cheeseburgers, your stomach is sure to thank you. *Record scratch* Oh, you wanted to know about the healthier menu options here on campus? I’ll do you one better. I’ll give you some tips, tricks, and menu hacks for maintaining a healthy diet here on campus. 

healthy hacks

Steak & Shake Menu Hacks

Call me late for dinner, but don’t call me a liar when I tell you that you could turn a fast-food dining experience into a healthy meal for one. Usual salads aside, I’ve dug deep, interviewed employees, and put my tastebuds through some very delicious trials and tribulations to find these menu hacks for you!
  • Lettuce for buns! Before you call me crazy, just think about it. You get the experience of drooling over a steakburger, but low carb and lower calories! If you just can’t wrap your head around using lettuce as buns, ditch the buns altogether and enjoy your steakburger as a regular steak! It’s no T-bone, but it’s sure to hit the spot in both taste and tonic.
  • Wynee’s chicken on a Steak & Shake salad? If you order a chicken tender salad, consider holding the fried chicken tenders. Instead, head right over to Wynee’s Bistro and snag a grilled chicken breast to put on top of it. As tempting as they are, we know fried foods aren’t as healthy for us in terms of fats, calories, and cholesterol. Do yourself and I a favor by using this menu hack; you’ll reap the dietary benefits and I’ll have more chicken tenders to myself. This is your journey, not mine!

The Happy Place Menu Hacks

Pump the brakes if you think The Happy Place is totally unhealthy! This food truck has a lot of healthy hidden gems on their menu that most students completely look over, or better yet, cover with extra cheese and bacon bits. Bottom line: if you’re over by the Becker Business Building and need some comfort food ‘healthified’, The Happy Place is going to live up to its namesake if you follow these menu hacks!
  • Order a regular side of pulled pork with a side of green beans and barbecue sauce as the condiment to top it off! This southern style dish is not only the peak of comfort foods, but also offers several health benefits on top of being delicious to boot. From the side to the sauce, each portion of this meal is high in vitamins B, K, C, and A. That’s basically half the alphabet…impressive.
  • Order a salad! Yes, you read that correctly, you can totally order a salad from a food truck. Leave it to The Happy Place to beat the negative, unhealthy stigma around food trucks and provide fresh, crisp salads with your choice of sides. These sides can range from the above stated green beans, to baked beans, or a corn muffin! Moral of the story: it doesn’t always have to be french fries when you’re eating at the happiest place on campus!

The Buck Stop Menu Hacks

Delicious ropes of mozzarella slipping from a large cheese pizza…the savory aroma of grilled hot dogs…mouth-watering double cheeseburgers…Huh? Oh, right, we’re still talking about those healthy menu hacks. Sorry, I got a bit distracted; this is my favorite place here on campus to eat, after all. This outdoor brick oven pizzeria and grill specializes in so much, people tend to forget about these healthy eats!
  • Grilled chicken sandwiches! Hidden right in plain sight on the extensive menu, the grilled chicken sandwich at the Buck Stop is an underrated holy grail for any healthy eater’s daily diet. Served on a white bun (always optional, of course), with lettuce and tomato, this juicy chicken breast is sure to taste just as good as it’ll make you feel in terms of energy and protein!
  • Black bean burgers are here! Despite being on the menu, ironically right above the grilled chicken sandwich, the black bean burger is criminally underrated! Deliciousness aside, this dairy-free and vegan-friendly option is perfect in terms of a healthy food option found right in the middle of campus!


Wynee’s Bistro Menu Hacks

I'm sure at one point in time, someone famous or knowledgeable once said “nothing beats a classic”. In terms of Wynee’s Bistro, this statement stands true. Our main dining hall here at FSC is nothing short of delicious and impressive in terms of food quality, selection, and taste! You’re sure to be surprised when I tell you that there is only one menu hack when it comes to eating healthy at Wynee’s Bistro. 
  • This menu hack is passive, simple to achieve, and probably the most beneficial in the long run. Do you want to know how to cover each tier of the food pyramid - fruits & vegetables, starchy foods, proteins, dairy, and sugars? Do you really wanna know? Okay, fine, I’m terrible at keeping secrets! All you have to do is simply…eat at Wynee’s! Wynee’s succeeds at keeping a massive variety of options that, with the inclusion of sides and dessert, all cover the five tiers of the food pyramid. The best part? It does this for only six Snake Bites per meal! As first-years, you’ll get 120 Snake Bites a week, making Wynee’s a hot, healthy spot to eat at for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Healthy Blend Deli Menu Hacks

Last, but obviously not least, is the Healthy Blend Deli! Not only is this my personal favorite eatery on campus when I have a healthy kick, like once a month, but it is also the most straight-forward campus eatery in terms of ordering nutritious meals. With fresh sandwiches as well as hearty soups, you’ll tend to find the healthiest of student athletes and bodybuilders here. However, there is one lesser known extra that you can include in your next visit to Healthy Blend Deli!
  • Protein powder! So many students get so caught up in looking forward to their tasty fruit smoothies that they don’t realize they can add in protein powder to their smoothies! Getting your daily dose of essential minerals and vitamins from an ice cold fruit smoothie on a warm Florida day is always great, but adding that extra protein offers so much more. Protein is a macronutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones! If you understood that, I owe you a gold star; my understanding goes as far as “protein extra good, add now".