2018 News Archive

News - 6/1/2018

Mocs Battalion Cadets Become Army Officers

The 15 cadets of the Moccasin Battalion about to become U.S. Army officers received encouragement and a challenge at their commissioning ceremony in May. Retired Army Lt. Gen. Donald Kerrick ’71 told the cadets it is difficult to be a leader.“Great leaders hav...

News - 5/30/2018

Adventures at Costa Rica

I was lucky enough to spend my spring break in Costa Rica, where I went on many adventures. We saw beautiful waterfalls, adorable sloths, lush rainforests and mesmerizing beaches. My favorite part of the trip was visiting two different schools where we worked with many young s...

News - 5/23/2018

Dentistry and Research are Linked for One FSC Graduate

What does it take to get into a professional school? While there is no set formula, Blake Crosby ’17 had the right combination as a successful and well-rounded student with an authentic desire to serve others and a keen interest in research. I met Blake Crosby even ...

News - 5/21/2018

Interview with Dr. Anne Kerr

Anne Kerr, president of Florida Southern College, describes what makes FSC unique, introduces the school’s child health and education research program, and notes the launches of new competitive recreation teams.Watch the interview on the Florida Trend website

News - 5/18/2018

Florida Southern College To Host Annual Financial Fraud Conference

A wide range of forensic accountants and law enforcement officials will be the featured speakers and panelists at Florida Southern College’s third annual Fraud Conference, offering perspectives on the prevention and detection of accounting and financial fraud. The o...

News - 5/16/2018

The Luckiest Man in the World: Director of Athletics Pete Meyer

Thirty national championships. Over 20 NCAA Division II men and women’s sports. Around 60 coaches and staff who never cease to inspire and motivate student-athletes and defeat the competition.Present and active during the recent history of this success has been Florida S...

News - 5/15/2018

Post-Truth and the History of Philosophy: Part 2

Since Ancient Greece, and even more so since the Enlightenment Era, Western Europe has held as a general truth that the human mind is, from top to bottom, rational and that our will and desires are a result of our intellect. That is, we desire what we know about and know about...

News - 5/8/2018

Four FSC Graduates Receive Fulbright Awards

Continuing the tradition of scholastic achievement at Florida Southern College, three of this year’s graduating seniors have been named 2018 recipients of Fulbright Awards. Kylie Torres of Clearwater received an English Teaching Assistant Award, and Elise Barnes of Marie...

News - 5/4/2018

An Exciting Senior Year: Interview with Leyna Stemle, Marine Biology ‘18

Leyna Stemle is an outstanding student, and her efforts in the classroom and doing research have earned her much success. She received the highest award FSC bestows on our students, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to do research in Africa, and will be attending graduate sc...

News - 5/1/2018

Post-Truth and the History of Philosophy: Part 1

It is not uncommon to hear that we live in a “post-truth” or “post-fact” world. In fact, Oxford Dictionaries even selected “post-truth” as their international word of the year in 2016. What do we mean by this term?Generally, the term is mean...