2016 News Archive

News - 2/8/2016

International and Multicultural Students Making an Impact

Global awareness and diversity play a big role within educational institutions nationwide, inevitably leading to the enhancement of student success and social experience. Florida Southern in particular adheres so strongly to this testament that it is acknowledged in our Corner...

News - 2/4/2016

Nobel Laureate William Phillips to Inaugurate New Lecture Series

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. William D. Phillips will be the inaugural speaker in a new lecture series at Florida Southern College that will bring internationally renowned scholars, authors, and explorers to Lakeland to discuss some of the most compelling issues of our ti...

News - 2/3/2016

Weather, Location, Opportunity Make for Victorious Water Ski Team

Circled around the beautiful and tranquil Lake Hollingsworth are lush, green trees, birds, joggers, and occasionally, flying people — more commonly known as members of FSC’s NCWSA Division I water ski team, whose graceful jumping and soaring is just a natural featu...

News - 2/2/2016

Saga Moss Lundström Endless Opportunities

Although she had just graduated and was anticipating graduate school at a prestigious program in London, Saga Moss Lundström ’15 still found her internship this summer at Florida House in Washington, D.C., to be more than worthwhile.“I learned so many things at Flo...

News - 1/27/2016

Scotland offers view of elegant castles, rolling countryside

The Isle of Skye needs to be ranked high on everybody's bucket list. If you go, make sure you hike the Black Cuillins to see the Fairy Pools — it's about a 40- minute hike — and explore the green, mountainous, sheep-dotted landscape of Fairy Glen.

News - 1/22/2016

Lecture Asks Whether Lawyers Cause Income Inequality

Do the number of lawyers in America affect income inequality? Does an increase in the number of lawyers also increase the gap between rich and poor? Those questions are the subject of the next lecture in the Politics, Law, and Economics Lecture Series at Florida Southern Colle...

News - 1/18/2016

An Enlightening Journey in Germany

My visit to Germany started with the discovery that my bag, along with several others, did not make it across the Atlantic with our plane. Welcome to Germany — you now get to backpack in Europe because you won’t have your luggage for two days. After more than ...

News - 1/18/2016

Nikole Dangleo Critical Thinking and a Career Path

Like many students, Nikole Dangelo ’14 was trying to determine her career path. She had dual majors in business administration and economics and was a top student in the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise, but, she says, “I didn’t really kn...

News - 1/12/2016

FSC Chemistry Faculty Inspires Unique Research for Students

Like many colleges, chemistry faculty members at FSC have their own areas of expertise, but that is where the comparison ends. Unlike professors in other institutions, Florida Southern faculty members do not treat students as assistants in service of their own research. Instea...

News - 1/8/2016

Conceptual Pop Artist Mark Mitchell Featured In Exhibit At FSC

Multimedia pop artist Mark Mitchell is bringing his slyly subversive works to Lakeland in an upcoming exhibit at the Melvin Gallery at Florida Southern College. The exhibit, “Hidden Agenda: The Conceptual Pop Art of Mark Mitchell,” opens with a 7 p.m. receptio...