Alumni News

Alumni News

Producing Results: As a Doctor and on the New York Stage

Producing Results: As a Doctor and on the New York Stage

Science and the arts generally are regarded as opposite pursuits, but Dr. Jeff Grove ’86 has a foot in both worlds. 

Maida B. Pou

Trustee Maida B. Pou: Much-Loved Friend of FSC brought smiles to all

Maida Pou’s faith, love of her family, devotion to friends and her church were inspirational.

Nate Carson

Personal Best: Competitive Video Gaming Builds Confidence, Sense Of Community

Nate Carson knows all the stereotypes about video gamers, and can rattle them off without taking a breath: bad eating habits; poor posture; an aversion to exercise; a preference for sitting alone in a darkened room; and avoiding human contact by playing video games nonstop.

Jack Smith '53

Jack Smith '53: This is Your Captain Speaking

As students at FSC, Jack Smith ’53 and his roommate, Charles F. “Fred” Kennard ’53, decided to pool their money and buy a motorcycle. They found they couldn’t afford a new Harley Davidson, so they bought an airplane instead.

Dr. Melanie Fowler, Ed.D.

Meet Dr. Melanie Fowler

"My experience with the Ed.D program at FSC has been the greatest challenge and opportunity for personal and professional growth," said Dr. Fowler.

Legacy Luncheon

Carrying on the FSC Tradition: Legacy Luncheon

Florida Southern’s annual Legacy Luncheon always brings multiple reminders of the affection legacy families feel for their beloved school.

Class of 1890

130 Years Later, FSC Traces its Roots to First Graduates

Meet the seven young women who comprised the College's first graduating class in 1890.

Dr. Joanne Preston

Dr. Joanne Preston ’68 The Values Of Broad-Based Learning

When Dr. Joanne Cave Preston ’68 thinks back on the variety in her class schedule while a student at Florida Southern, its impact upon her wide-ranging career seems clear and direct.

William A. Chope

Distinguished Alumnus William A. Chope ’71

Founder of the Crest Automotive Group and president of Metro Jobbers, a dealership-owned supply cooperative, William A. Chope ’71 is an exemplar of successful entrepreneurship based on the values of free enterprise and a commitment to ethical business practices.

Matthew Walters

Matthew Walters ’01 A Business Life Based On Family Values

Matthew Walters came to Florida Southern to study business, but not with a specific goal of joining the family business.

rod dugger collage

100th Birthday - Roderic Russ Dugger Jr. '47

Roderic Russ Dugger Jr. was born April 27, 1920 at his family’s home on Georgia Avenue in Macon, Georgia. Florida Southern is still dear to his heart.

Dr. Barney Barnett

Distinguished Alumnus Barney Barnett ’65

Trustee Dr. Barney Barnett, a senior executive and retired Vice Chairman of Publix Super Markets, Inc., epitomizes the mission of Florida Southern College, which is to make a positive and consequential impact on society.

Louisa Long Cullem Jaffe

Louisa Long Cullem Jaffe ’93 Family Histories Inspired Career Choices

Louisa Long Cullem Jaffe ’93 was “raised in a business family,” she says.

Albert V. Misan

Distinguished Alumnus Albert V. Misan ’72

Retired Citibank executive Albert Misan ’72 excelled in a highly competitive international business environment, attaining success that brings great distinction to himself and to Florida Southern College.

Chad Patton

Chad Patton Changing The Definition Of Success

A high school golfer who grew up on a ranch in Kansas, Patton had heard great things from his coach about the college program at Florida Southern College. With the goal of pursuing a professional career himself, Patton took a chance and headed to college in far-off Lakeland.