Campus Map

Building Code Building Name Map Location Function
A Emile E. Watson Administration Building B-2 Alumni Office, President’s Conference Room, President’s Office
AD Benjamin Fine Administration Building B-2 Advancement Offices, Vice President of Advancement
ADM Admissions Office G-4 Admissions Office
AP Annie Pfeiffer Chapel B-3 Annie Pfeiffer Chapel
AR Sarah D. and L. Kirk McKay, Jr. Archives Center B-2 Archival materials of Florida Southern College and The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church
B Branscomb Memorial Auditorium B-4 Anne MacGregor Recital Hall, Auditorium & Box Office
BA L. A. Raulerson Building B-2 Accounts Payable Office, Administrative Computer Center, Business Affairs, Business Office, Controller, Human Resources Office, Institutional Research Office, Operations Office, Purchasing Office, Student Accounts, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Financial Aid Office
BB Thad Buckner Building B-3 Academic Dean, Hollis Room, Registrar's Office 
BBB Bill and Mary Ann Becker Business Building G-4 Barney Barnett School of Business & Free Enterprise (opening this Fall)
BF Barnett Field E-2 Barnett Field
BG Facilities Maintenance Building G-3 Facilities Maintenance Offices, Warehouse
BH Boathouse F-4 Boathouse
BMG Badcock Memorial Garden C-2 Badcock Memorial Garden
BN Joe K. and Alberta Blanton Nursing Building A-3 Nursing Program
BSG The Buck Stop Grill C-2 The Buck Stop Grill
BT Loca Lee Buckner Theatre A-5 Theatre & Box Office, Theatre Program
C Jack M. Berry Citrus Building D-3 Citrus & Environmental Horticulture Program
CAF Herbert E. Wolfe Building E-3 Bookstore, Wynee's Bistro (Cafeteria), Mall, Post Office, Terrace Cafe
CC William F. Chatlos Journalism Building A-2 Communication Program, Student Publications 
CG Mr. George's Green D-3 Mr. Georges' Green
CH Dr. Marcene H. and Robert E. Christoverson Humanities Building A-5 English Program, Modern Languages Programs
CP Centennial Plaza & Garden of the Presidents C-3 Centennial Plaza, Pierce Centennial Tower
DC William H. Danforth Chapel B-3 Danforth Chapel
DU Dunes F-3 Sand Volleyball Courts
E Edge Hall D-4 Education Program, Philosophy Program, Religion Program
EM Enrollment Management G-3 Enrollment Management
GG Ruel B. Gilbert Gymnasium E-3 Athletic Offices, Varsity Weight Room
GR Greenhouse C-4 Greenhouse
H Ludd M. Spivey Fine Arts Center B-4 Art Program, English Program, Humanities Division Office, Melvin Art Gallery, Writing Lab
HC Campus Safety Office E-2 Campus Safety Office (moving this fall)
HG Willis Garden of Meditation D-4 Willis Garden of Meditation
HP Honeyman Pavilion B-4 Honeyman Pavilion
HW Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center F-4 Director of Wellness Center, Fitness Rooms, Intramurals Office
IF Intramural Fields G-2 Intramural Fields
JF George W. Jenkins Field House D-2 Athletic Offices, Clayton & Mary Lee Lyons Athletic Conference Room, Sports Information Office
JRB Bishop Robert E. '58 and Faye '59 Fannin Campus Ministries Center D-2 Chaplain's Office, Church Relations Office
LF Laundry Facility E-2 Laundry Facility
LG Lynn's Garden E-4 Lynn's Garden
LH Southern Landing B-5 Southern Landing
M Marjorie McKinley Music Building B-4 McKinley Music
MA Music Addition B-5 Music Program
MS Military Science E-2 Military Science Program (ROTC)
O Lucius Pond Ordway Building D-2 Criminology Program, History Program, Language Program, Language Lab, Political Science Program, Psychology Program, Testing Office, Theatre in the Round
P President's Residence C-4 President's Residence
PL Planetarium C-4 Planetarium
PS Polk County Science Building C-3 Biology Program, Chemistry Program, Mathematics Program, Natural Science Division Office, Physics Program
R Carlisle Rogers Building B-2 ACE, SGA, Fraternity/Sorority Life, The Center for Student Involvement, Dean of Student Development, The Office of Community Living, Rogers Student Lounge, Accountability, Education, & Compliance, Student Support, Disability Services, Career Center, Student Solutions Center
RB Roberts Academy 1140 Frank Lloyd Wright Way Transitional school (Grades 1-6) for students with dyslexia
RD Robert A. Davis Performing Arts Center B-4 Performing Arts
RF Rogers Field C-2 Rogers Field
RL Roux Library B-2

Library (TûTû's Cyber Café)

RT Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Technology Center E-3 Computer Lab
SO Safety Office D-4 Safety Office, Telephone Systems Office
SP Swimming Pool E-4 Swimming Pool
SL Adult and Graduate Education / Enrollment Management  G-3 Adult and Graduate Education, Enrollment Management 
TB Charles T. Thrift Building F-3 Alumni Center, Group Counseling Room, Howard Dubose Conference Room, Personal Counseling Services, President's Dining Room, Student Health Center
TNB Tennis/Basketball Courts D-2 Tennis/Basketball Courts
TO Sharp Family Tourism and Education Center 750 Frank Lloyd Wright Way GEICO Gift Shop, Sharp Family Tourism and Education Center; Usonian House 
TR Marketing and Communications Office A-2 Marketing and Communications Office
VA Parking Lot A A-3 Parking Lot A
VB Parking Lot B A-2 Parking Lot B
VBB Parking Lot BB B-1 Parking Lot BB
VC Parking Lot C D-2 Parking Lot C
VF Parking Lot F G-2 Parking Lot F
VG Parking Lot G A-2 Parking Lot G
VI Parking Lot I F-3 Parking Lot I
VJ Parking Lot J E-4 Parking Lot J
VK Parking Lot K C-5 Parking Lot K
VL Parking Lot L F-1 Parking Lot L
VM Parking Lot M F-2 Parking Lot M
VN Parking Lot N A-5 Parking Lot N
VR Parking Lot R C-1 Parking Lot R
W Evett Simmons Multicultural Appreciation Center A-2 Community Services Office, International Students Office, Multi-Cultural Student Council
WD Water Dome B-2 Water Dome
WDS Wynee Warden Dance Studio A-4 Wynee Warden Dance Studio
WTC Wynee Warden Tennis Center G-2 Tennis Center
04 Dell Hall F-3 Residence - Dell Hall
06 Hollis Hall F-2 Residence - Hollis Hall
26 Joseph Reynolds Hall D-3 Residence - Joseph Reynolds Hall, Eleanor Searle Drawing Room
27 Allan Spivey Hall D-3 Residence - Allan Spivey Hall, Faculty Lounge
60 Jenkins Hall F-2 Residence - Jenkins Hall
61 Building 61 F-1 Residence - Building 61
62 Building 62 F-2 Residence - Building 62
63 Building 63 F-2 Residence - Building 63
65 Miller Residence Hall F-2 Residence - Miller Residence Hall
66 Wesley Hall D-4 Residence - Wesley Hall
67 Nicholas Hall D-4 Residence - Nicholas Hall