The Land of Avalon Parks

Background Information:

  • The 1920s was the unfortunate host to two of the most destructive hurricanes for the citrus industry.
  • The hurricane of September 1926 had greatly devastated the citrus injury by causing damage to the grove which in turn affected the price of citrus.
  • Fun Fact about the 1920s: The first citrus concentrate was produced- ‘Citrifacts’ by Thomas B. Mack in 1992.

Validating Information:

  • A majority of the information given in this manuscript was spot on, especially when it came to the varieties of oranges and their characteristics. The manuscript mentioned both ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Valencia’ varieties, which are still very heavily used in the industry today. The manuscript did say a lot of very flattering words about the soil and climate being perfect, but they may not have stretched to truth at all. The portion of Florida that Avalon groves was located in is known for being a perfect place to grow citrus, in fact, many groves are still located in the surrounding area.

Here is a section of
a map from 1903 showing the location
of Orlando and Winter Garden.
Avalon Groves was located south of Winter Garden.