Shareholders in
Avalon Groves Company

Pages 2-4 of the Business Proposal list officers of the company as well as investors.


Board of Directors: 

Thomas Picton Warlow, President 
F. H. Thwing, Vice President
John Pendleton Holbrook, Secretary-Treasurer
Charles E. Mitchell, General Sales Manager
Eugene G. Duckworth, Director
L. H. Gedge, Director
H. D. Piper, Director
S. V. Straley, Director
T. M. Mink, Director
W. Warren, Director

Orlando Stockholders:

Nixon Butt
M. J. Daetwyler
G. H. Edwards
Charles R. Emerick
S. Kendrick Guernsey
Thomas Hopkins
S. Waters Howe
E. D. Kenyon
James A. Knox
R. E. Duckworth
Arthur E. Landstreet
John McCulloch
J. S. McEwan
Arthur McKean
Dewitt Miller
W. H. Brokaw
Senator M. O. Overstreet
I. W. Phillips
D. P. Sias
W. L. Tilden
S. Y. Way
N. P. Yowell
H. M. Voorhis

Other Stockholders:

Frank W. Pickels
L. M. Robertson
Charles G. Greeley
William H. Arthur
S. J. Campbell
Charles S. Bates
Henry M. Hale
James D. Cole
R. M. Havens
M. H. Thwing
H. J. Babcock
C. G. Sutliff
James Sutliff
James Fister
J. H. Sadler
B. G. Smith
George D. McCutcheon
Mrs. Kate Mahood
W. J. Higgins
L. W. Smith
J. R. Bahne
D. C. Gillett
James R. Rounding
H. W. Jenks
J. N. Joiner

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