Digital Collections

The McKay Digital Archives provides access to several collections in digital formats. More are added periodically so check back often.


Child of the Sun: Florida Southern College's Digital Papers Collection, 1937 to present
This collection of documents includes correspondence, contracts, or publications that may give insight to the creation, form, and history of the Child of the Sun structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Florida Southern College campus. There is select correspondence between Florida Southern College and Frank Lloyd Wright and his associates. Digital images have been scanned from a variety of sources in the McKay Archives.

Child of the Sun: Florida Southern College Digital Photograph Collection, 1937 to present
This collection of photographs includes select images of the Child of the Sun structures on Florida Southern College campus, which were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Images have been scanned from a variety of sources in the McKay Archives and include blueprints and people associated with the projects.


Florida Citrus Photographs Collection, 1910-1990
Images of groves, packing houses, and people involved in the Florida citrus industry.

Florida Citrus Postcards Collection, 1900-1960
The Florida Citrus Postcard Collection highlights postcards from the archives of Brenda Eubanks Burnett, Donald Ball, Jerry Chicone and Brian and Richard Weaver. This collection includes images of the arrival of the railroad in Florida, packing houses, fruit stands, and how development has impacted the citrus community throughout the twentieth century.

Fruit and Vegetable Crate Label Collection, 1920-1950s
Crate labels are colorful illustrations of the fruit or vegetable (being advertised) along with the trademarked brand, and printed on paper to be glued to the end of a box. The digitized citrus crate labels come from the private collections of James Ellis and Jerry Chicone, donations to Thomas Mack, and from Anthony Whiting.


Florida Southern College Digital Archives
This collection includes images of documents and photographs highlighting the history of the College. Of special note are items from
Shirley Jackson Case (1872-1947), noted Christian theologian who taught at FSC  in the 1940s and was editor of the journal Religion in the Making (1940-1943).

The Florida Southern College Publications, include pages from: Florida Southern College News (1943), The Citizen (1947), The Southern (1949), Touché (1949), Through Three Decades at Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida (1955) and Of Fact and Fancy ... At Florida Southern College (1979) by Dr. Charles T. Thrift, and Florida Southern College: The First 100 Years (1985) by Theodore M. Haggard.

The Southern: Florida Southern College's Student Newspaper
Here is Florida Southern College's student newspaper. Currently, issues from 1919, 1922, and 1933-1952 have been digitized and are available in this collection.

Religion in the Making
This journal published by the Florida School of Religion at Florida Southern College, from 1940-1943, was edited by Shirley Jackson Case.

Digital Postcards, 1902 to present
This collection of postcards chronicles Florida Southern College's early years as Southern College in Sutherland (now Palm Harbor), through its 1922 move to Lakeland, and subsequent development.

Florida Southern College Master's Theses Collection, 1938-1949
Florida Southern College awarded master's degrees requiring a thesis in 1938, 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949. The theses were submitted either to the Graduate School of Florida Southern College or to the School of Education at Florida Southern College, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degrees Master of Arts, Master of Education, or Master of Arts in Education. Roux Library is the official repository for those theses, and paper copies can be found there.

Florida Southern College Yearbooks, 1912, 1924, 1926-2013
This collection of yearbooks is hosted at The Internet Archive.

Historic Florida Southern College, 1883-1937
This collection includes photographs and mementos illustrating the history of the five campuses of Florida Southern College. This collection spans the first 54 years of Florida Southern College.


Digital Archives
 A. P. "Pat" Bolton (1905-1974), owner of Macasphalt Paving Company, original paver of the Daytona Speedway.

The documents and photographs in these collections are protected by copyright law. No commercial reproduction or distribution of these files is permitted without the written permission of Florida Southern College Archives. Unfair use of these images is prohibited.