Simmons Multicultural Center

Welcome to the Evett L. Simmons Center for Multicultural Appreciation

The Simmons Multicultural Center provides a variety of quality support services, plan and drive educational and entertaining cultural awareness programs, and provide leadership opportunities through student involvement and service.



  • To create and maintain an ongoing assessment and evaluation process to gain feedback on programs and services.
  • To collaborate with individuals, groups, academic affairs and other student development units to offer initiatives that connect people through community service, social engagement, cultural celebration and shared understanding.
  • To be branded as a vital resource for student development and success as it relates to campus engagement and leadership development.
  • To reorganize and revitalize Center for Student Involvement and Simmons Center policies and procedures to create clear and concise communication with students, faculty, and staff.

Learning Outcomes

  • Shape the dynamic programs and services that fit the changing needs of a diverse student body.
  • Seek Center for Student Involvement and Simmons Center as a resource to gain a better understanding of the programs and services offered.
  • Develop an understanding of self and an appreciation for intercultural exchange, civic involvement, equity and access.

The Simmons Center staff contributes to the development of all Florida Southern College students by promoting diversity and adhering to the tenants of The Cornerstone.

Mission Statement

The Center for Student Involvement and the Simmons Center strives to support the overall mission of the college in its efforts to provide a variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities that engender the advancement of our community’s core values. We aim to create an engaged and inclusive environment by fostering holistic experiences that connect our students to one another.


The Simmons Center collaborates with the Multicultural Student Council and other campus organizations to sponsor diversity programming that includes Hispanic Awareness Celebrations, International and Cultural Awareness events, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration, Black History Month programs, Women’s History Month celebration and other diversity events.

Evett Simmons Center Building

Simmons Center Building

Not only did we receive a new name after a beloved trustee and alumni of Florida Southern, but also a new office in a house that international and multicultural students love to call home!

In addition to administrative offices, the Simmons Multicultural Center is home to the International Student Association and the Multicultural Student Council.

Questions? Contact

Brenda Lewis

Director of Evett L. Simmons Center for Multicultural Appreciation

Lauren Outler

Multicultural Coordinator