News Story Request Instructions

News Story Request Instructions

Share your own unique FSC experience, a colleague’s accomplishment, a student achievement, a kudos to a professor, a team or group award or anything else that you believe deserves recognition in relation to Florida Southern’s athletic, educational or otherwise scholarly impact.

Sample entries you can submit that we would consider a "pitch" (We would need much more detail than this.):

  • "Our professor just completed his research on the history of Frank Lloyd Wright&rsqip;s architecture. His book is being published and won 3 awards and deserves recognition!"
  • "My students just presented at a national conference and came in first place. They have been working with me very diligently.
  • "After a terrible car crash, my friend on the basketball team had really bad knee damage. He was committed to regaining his strength and was very supported by his coach who really believes in him. Thanks to the amazing bond they have, my friend is back on the court and is killing it!"
  • "An alumni from Class of 2005 was just nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the Sundance Film Festival for their Indie Series Program."
  • "I revived a club on campus that had almost no members to around 50 students now!"

Once shared, the Content team will convene to address and discuss the best method and platform for distribution. Please know that once information is shared, the Content team will determine at their own discretion the level of attention they will devote to your pitch. What you may assume should only get a social media kudos may end up getting a full-length news story. At the same time, what you may think should get a full-length story may be placed on hold due to timeliness or the already full workload that the members of the Content team have on their plates at that particular time.

The more information you submit with your request, the more likely it will be considered by the members of the news team; this includes any photography, web links, and references to others who may be willing to provide testimonials, quotes, or information about the story you are wanting to share.

Once submitted, you will hear back within one week on whether or not the news team will pursue the story or reserve coverage for another time.

**If your pitch relates to alumni updates on personal events such as job changes, family news, retirement, etc, please send that information along to

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