Ray VanWye, PT, DPT, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

My goal is to be a role model and mentor. As an educator in an entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program, my job is to provide constructive feedback while consistently modeling professionalism. However, I like to remind my students that professionalism does not mean perfectionism. Also, I want my students to be accountable by being on time, prepared, and ready to serve. Overall, accountability begins in the classroom and transitions to the clinic. This belief is fostered in my classroom.

- Ray VanWye

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Ray VanWye

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Dr. VanWye is an Associate Professor in the School of Physical Therapy. He has been a licensed physical therapist since 2006, and has worked in numerous settings. Dr. VanWye has been teaching within an entry-level doctor of physical therapy program since 2015. He teaches pathophysiology, pharmacology, acute care, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. He is a Board Certified Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Specialist and holds credentials as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, both of which are the highest credentials awarded by the American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association, respectively. Dr. VanWye is a member of American Physical Therapy Association.