Lisa Carter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Criminology

My goal is to illuminate a path that my students will follow during the course of their college career and when they enter the workforce. Along this path I hope my students will encounter and collect the following attributes: knowledge, enthusiasm, and critical thought. The college experience should offer students the opportunity to become open to new ideas, experiences, and beliefs regarding their chosen field of study.

- Lisa Carter

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Lisa Carter

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Dr. Carter was born and raised in Kentucky. During her childhood, her grandparents lived in Winter Haven where she visited each summer. She still has family in the area so she feels like she has returned to her second home.

Dr. Carter graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B. A. in Sociology. After graduation she spent several years teaching as a substitute teacher. She became interested in working with children who had learning disabilities and behavioral issues. This led to her interest in the Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies program at Eastern Kentucky University. During her time at EKU she worked as an intern for a nearby federal prison which sparked her interests in the area of corrections. She taught her first course, Introduction to Corrections, as a masters student and knew she had found her career path in teaching at the university level.

Dr. Carter earned her doctorate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Criminology. During her coursework at IUP, she focused on issues pertaining to corrections, reintegration, and female crime.


Ph.D., Criminology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies, Eastern Kentucky University
B.A., Sociology, University of Kentucky

Publications and Exhibitions


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