Jazmine Everheart

Director of Institutional Research
Adjunct Faculty

When I teach, I aim to introduce students to the world beyond traditional "number crunching": analytics. From understanding a business' needs to gathering the data necessary for analysis, from applying the best analytical technique to translating patterns into insight, and finally from model extraction and deployment to visualizing the outcomes, students in my courses get to explore the entire problem-solving process through the lens of analytics. Along the way, students find themselves relating back to their own interests in music, art, video games, sports, or health; they find themselves appreciating that mathematics, statistics, and analytics are present everywhere. That is what I aim for each time I step into the classroom.

- Jazmine Everheart

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Jazmine Everheart

building is Thad Buckner Building - room is 207
Phone 863.680.3004



While my primary role at Florida Southern College is Director of Institutional Research, I also have the privilege of teaching data analytics courses in the mathematics department. 

My research interests vary. They involve statistical/machine learning methods and predictive analytics, and generally revolve around educational policy, mental health and psychology, biological processes and health, technology use and information systems, and the use of visualizations to convey information.


  • MPS, Data Analytics, The Pennsylvania State University, PA
  • BS, Mathematics, Florida Southern College, FL