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Deepak Iyengar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Business
David P. and Constance W. Lyons Endowed Chair in Logistics

I view myself as one of the enablers that can help students make the transition from college to being an effective and efficient business owner/manager.”

Dr. Iyengar received his Ph.D. in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2005. He has a Masters in International Business from The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi and Bachelors of Commerce (Honors) from Osmania University. As part of his academic career he has taught in various Universities like the Central Washington University, University of Maryland, University of Kentucky, Indian Institute of Management Indore and Qatar University. His research has been published in leading journals and books of logistics and supply chain management and his teaching interests involve Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management. In addition, he has mentored and has been directly involved with over 100 projects in the area of lean/six sigma implementation. Prior to his academic career, he worked for Glaxo India Limited and Group Usha.


Ph.D. in Business Administration, December 2005, Major: Supply Chain Management Minor: Information Systems, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, U.S.A. 

Masters in International Business, August 1996, Concentration: International Business and Logistics, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, India. 

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), July 1994, Indian Institute of Management & Commerce, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Publications and Exhibitions

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